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Indiana Residential Lease Agreement

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Indiana Residential Lease Agreement
Indiana Residential Lease Agreement
THIS RESIDENTIAL LEASE AGREEMENT (the "Lease") is made this ____ day of
___________, 20___, by and between _________________________________ ("Landlord") and
________________________________________ ("Tenant"), and Landlord and Tenant agree as follows:
1. Leased Premises: Landlord hereby leases to Tenant, and Tenant hereby leases
from Landlord, the real estate commonly known as __________________ in _______________, Indiana
_______ (the "Leased Premises").
2. Term: The Leased Premises are leased for a term of approximately
___________________ ( ) months (the "Lease Term") beginning , 20 (the
"Commencement Date"), and ending , 20 ("Expiration Date").
3. Rent: The monthly rent for the Leased Premises shall be
____________________ Dollars ($_____) per month (the "Rent"), and all Rent shall be due and payable,
at Landlord's address (or such other address specified by Landlord), in advance on the first day of each
calendar month during the Lease Term and any period of continued occupancy by Tenant. All payments
shall be made without notice or demand from Landlord, with attorneys' fees and costs and expenses of
collection in the event Landlord must pursue legal remedies to enforce the terms of this Lease, and
without relief from valuation and appraisement laws. If any payment is not received by Landlord
within ______ (___) days following the due date thereof, then Landlord shall have the right,
without any notice, to change Tenant a late payment charge of ___________________ ($____),
which shall be deducted from any refundable deposit monies be held on behalf of the Tenant. If
the Commencement Date occurs on a date other than the first day of a month or if the Expiration Date
occurs on a date other than the last day of a month, then rent for such partial month at the
commencement or expiration of the term shall be a prorated amount equal to one-thirtieth (1/30
) of a
monthly installment of rent multiplied by the number of days in the partial month.
4. Occupancy: The Leased Premises shall be used solely for occupancy as a
private residence for Tenant and Tenant's immediate family and for no other purpose. Tenant shall
occupy, and shall not abandon or vacate, the Leased Premises at all times throughout the Lease Term.
5. Redelivery of Premises: At the expiration of the Lease Term (or other prior
termination of this Lease), Tenant shall deliver possession of the Leased Premises to Landlord in as good
condition as it is on the date hereof, ordinary wear accepted. Prior to surrender of possession, Tenant
shall (a) clean the Leased Premises thoroughly, and, if the Tenant fails to clean the Leased Premises
thoroughly, Tenant shall pay to Landlord the cost of cleaning the Leased Premises, (b) remove all of
Tenant's personal property, and (c) deliver to Landlord all keys to the Leased Premises. If Tenant fails to
remove any of Tenant's property prior to surrender of possession, the property, at Landlord's option, shall
become Landlord's property, and Landlord may dispose of the property as Landlord determines to be
appropriate in its sole discretion. Landlord may charge to Tenant as additional rent due on demand the
cost of removing and disposing of the property.
6. No Animals. No animals may be kept on the premises (other than fish) without
the prior written approval of the Landlord, which approval may be subject (at the discretion of Landlord) to
an additional deposit and/or agreement between Landlord and Tenant.
7. Reserved Rights: Landlord reserves the right to enter the Leased Premises at
any reasonable time to inspect the Leased Premises, to make any repairs which Landlord may determine
to be appropriate, or to show the Leased Premises to prospective lessees, purchasers or mortgagees.
Landlord also reserves the right to display "For Rent," "For Sale" and similar signs.
8. Utilities and Services: Tenant shall pay for all electricity, gas, water, sewer,
telephone and cable television services, and other utilities. Tenant shall pay all bills for such services and
utilities promptly as they become due. ANY UTILITY LIENS THAT REMAIN AFTER THE EXPIRATION
9. Tenant Obligations. Tenant shall not permit any encumbrances, liens or other
interests to attach to the Leased Premises. Tenant shall be responsible for payment of (I) all general and
special assessments, and all other governmental, municipal and public dues, charges and impositions
becoming due and payable during the Lease Term, or attributable to Tenant's use of the Leased
Premises during the Lease Term (except real estate taxes), (ii) all other assessments, costs and
expenses incident to Landlord's ownership, or Tenant's use, of the Leased Premises during the Lease
Term. If Tenant fails to pay any of the expenses or obligations of Tenant set forth in this Lease, Landlord
shall have the right to pay such Tenant expenses or obligations and add the amount paid to Tenant's next
immediate monthly Rent. Nothing in this Paragraph 9 shall act as a waiver of any other Landlord right
hereunder, at law or in equity.
Indiana Residential Lease Agreement