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Indiana Real Property Purchase Agreement Form

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Indiana Real Property Purchase Agreement Form
Indiana Real Property Purchase Agreement Form
WITNESSETH THIS AGREEMENT dated _______________, 2006, by and between THE STATE OF
INDIANA acting through the Indiana Department of Administration, (“Seller”) and ____________,
In consideration of this Agreement, Seller and Buyer agree as follows:
1. Sale of Property. Seller agrees to sell to Buyer, and Buyer agrees to buy from Seller, the following
property (collectively, “Property”):
1.1 Real Property. The real property commonly known as _________________________,
______________ County, Indiana described on the attached Exhibit A (“Land”) together
with all buildings, improvements and fixtures constructed or located on the Land
(“Buildings”) and all easements and rights benefiting or appurtenant to the Land
(collectively the “Real Property”).
1.2 Personal Property. No personal property is being sold or conveyed as a part of this
Purchase Agreement.
2. Purchase Price and Manner of Payment. The total purchase price (“Purchase Price”) to be paid for the
Property shall be _______________ Dollars ($__________). The Purchase Price shall be payable as
2.1 In conjunction with execution of this Agreement (the “Execution Date”), Buyer shall
submit ____________ Dollars ($__________) to Seller as earnest money (“Earnest
Money”). In the event this Agreement is not accepted by Seller, the Earnest Money shall
be promptly returned to Buyer. Upon acceptance of this Offer by Seller, such Earnest
Money shall secure the Buyer's performance of this Agreement and in the event of a
default by Buyer in the performance of its obligations herein specified, Seller shall have
the right to terminate this Agreement and the Earnest Money shall be paid to Seller as
liquidated damages as Seller’s sole remedy at law or in equity; and
2.2 The balance of the Purchase Price, subject to adjustments as set forth herein, shall be
payable in certified funds or by electronic transfer of funds on the “Closing Date” (as
hereinafter defined).
3. Contingencies. The obligation of the Seller is contingent upon approval of the transaction
contemplated by this Agreement as required by IC 4-13-2-14.2 and IC 4-20.5-7. Buyer is not reserving
any contingencies.
4. Closing. The closing of the purchase and sale contemplated by this Agreement (the “Closing”) shall
occur within ten (10) days following acceptance of this Agreement by Seller (the “Closing Date”) unless
extended by mutual agreement of the parties. The Closing shall take place at a time, place, and on a date
agreeable by Seller and Buyer. Possession of the Real Property shall be delivered to Buyer at the Closing
free of any rights of any third parties other than tenants in possession.
4.1 Seller’s Closing Documents. On the Closing Date, Seller shall have executed
and delivered or caused to be delivered to Buyer the following (collectively, “Seller’s Closing
Documents”), all in form and content reasonably satisfactory to Buyer:
4.1.1 Deed. A Quitclaim Deed conveying the Real Property to Buyer.
4.1.2 Documents. Copies of the Contracts, Permits and Warranties, if any.
Indiana Real Property Purchase Agreement Form