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Idaho Parenting Plan Form

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Idaho Parenting Plan Form
Idaho Parenting Plan Form
(Father) and (Mother)
Case No.
This Parenting Plan is submitted to the court:
χ with the agreement of both parents or
by ____________________________________ without the agreement of the other parent.
The name(s) and birth date(s) of each child under the age of eighteen (18) years is/are:
Name Date of Birth
______________________________________________________ __________________
______________________________________________________ __________________
______________________________________________________ __________________
______________________________________________________ __________________
______________________________________________________ __________________
The well-being and needs of each child are a major concern. When each child is in a parent’s physical custody,
the parent will provide each child with regular and nutritious food, and clean, appropriate clothing. Decision
making is an important part of parenting and the parent who has each child in his/her care shall make decisions
about each child’s day-to-day care. We will encourage each child to communicate with the other parent.
Each parent shall encourage love and affection between each child and the other parent. Neither parent shall do
anything, nor permit any other person residing in their household to do anything, which would alienate a child
from the other parent or distort each child's opinion of the other parent or impair each child's love and respect for
the other parent.
We will keep each other informed at all times of our current address and telephone number. We will keep each
other informed of the names and contact information for school and for the work related child care and health
care providers. Prior to any child leaving town longer than _____ days, each of us will notify the other parent at
least _____ days in advance about the child’s plans, including date of departure, date of return, destinations,
phone where the child can be reached, and airline flight numbers and times if flying.
To protect each child from any conflict between us and to keep each child out of the middle, we will not:
question a child about the other parent’s personal life;
listen in on a child’s conversations on the telephone with the other parent;
say negative or critical things about the other parent any time a child can hear;
send messages to the other parent through a child;
argue or fight in front of a child.
Each parent shall be responsible to have each child ready and promptly available for all custody exchanges –
both pick-up and drop-off. Parents will arrive within _____ minutes of the time they are scheduled for the
exchange. If an unavoidable delay occurs, the delayed parent shall contact the other parent immediately. We
will deliver and return each child's personal belongings at the same time we exchange each child. We will
assist a young child to remember to take the personal belongings and school supplies s/he needs.
Idaho Parenting Plan Form