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Idaho DMV Bill of Sale

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Idaho DMV Bill of Sale
Idaho DMV Bill of Sale
ITD 3738 (Rev. 07-10) Bill Of Sale
Supply # 01-967717-8
Idaho Transportation Department
Vehicle or Hull Identification Number (1
) Title Number
Vehicle Identification Number (2
) See Note* Weight Full Length and Width
Vehicle Year Vehicle Make Vehicle Model Description
*Note: Second VIN should be provided for most motor homes and must be entered for double-wide mobile and manufactured homes.
Brands: Rebuilt Salvage Previous Brand Reconstruct Repaired Other
Odometer Reading (No Tenths) Actual Miles Not Actual Exceeds Mechanical Limits
Exempt No Odometer
Seller’s Full Legal Printed Name Buyer’s Full Legal Printed Name
Physical Address Idaho Driver’s License Number or SSN / EIN if Business
City State Zip Code Physical Address
Mailing Address (If different than physical address) City State Zip Code
City State Zip Code Mailing Address (If different than physical address)
Daytime Phone Number City State Zip Code
True Selling Price Sale Date Daytime Phone Number
New Lienholder Name or “None” Address
City State Zip Code
I hereby sell the vehicle described above for the selling price indicated. I certify that the odometer reading given is
accurate to the best of my knowledge. I also certify that I have disclosed to the buyer all known brands associated
with this vehicle. I understand that I must file a release of liability statement within five days of delivering the vehicle to
the buyer. I also understand that listing a false selling price, name, or address on this form is a felony under Section
49-518(5), Idaho Code.
Seller’s Signature
I am aware of the odometer certification made by the seller, and understand the seller must disclose any brands that
have been placed on this vehicle. I also understand that I must apply for title within 30 days to avoid a penalty
whether the vehicle is registered or not.
Buyer’s Signature
Idaho DMV Bill of Sale