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ID Badge Template 1

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ID Badge Template 1
ID Badge Template 1
Chaos Agent ID card template (One for each student)
If possible, but not necessary
Clear plastic laminating material such as clear contact paper or a laminator.
Photo of each youth group member
Step 1: Print a CHAOS Agent I.D. Card for each group member
Note: Assign characters, or have students choose their character (see back
of I.D. Card template). Be sure to hand out as many different characters as
possible. In future weeks students will create costumes for their character.
You may have more than one of each character.
Step 2: Cut out the badges
Step 3: Add a photo
Take a photo of each student (or ask them to bring a photo of themselves).
Trim the photo so it is roughly x” x y”. Cut out the white photo box and have
them tape their photo to the non-printed side of the id card so that it shows
through the photo space.
Have each student draw a photo of themselves in the space provided.
Step 4: Fold the card so that both the front and back of the card can be seen
and glue it closed.
Step 5: Have each student ll out the card with their information on both sides.
Spend some time talking with them about thier personal Thule (monster) in
their life.
Step 6: Use some glue to keep them together and laminate if possible.
Final Step:
Take a photo of your group with their I.D. cards and upload them to
www.facebook.com/chaosnovels from February 8-15, 2011.
CHAOS Agend I.D. Card
ID Badge Template 1