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Hawaii Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney (Buyer) Form

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Hawaii Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney (Buyer) Form
Hawaii Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney (Buyer) Form
That I (we)
the undersigned, who reside at
being the purchaser(s) of the following described vehicle:
Make Type Mode Year
License Plate No. Vehicle Identification No.
do hereby make, constitute and appoint
of Honolulu aforesaid my (our) true and lawful attorney to sign to me (us) in my (our) name, place and stead, any application for
original registration, certificate of title, duplicates or other certificates issued by the Director of Customer Services, City and County
of Honolulu, as purchaser(s) for the motor vehicle described above.
I (we) understand that federal and state law requires that I (we) state the mileage upon transfer of ownership. Providing a
false statement may result in fines and/or imprisonment. I appoint my attorney-in-fact to sign the mileage disclosure, on the title for
the vehicle described above, if the odometer reading on the vehicle is equal to or greater than the odometer reading which was
disclosed by the seller.
Granting and giving unto my (our) said attorney full power and authority to do and perform any and all other act necessary
or incident to the execution of the powers herein expressly granted, with power to do and perform all acts authorized thereby, as
fully to all intents and purpose as I (we) might to could do if personally present, with full power of substitution.
NOTARY CERTIFICATION: Signed this day of , 20
Document Date: No. Pages:
Signature of Buyer
Document Description:
Printed Name of Buyer
Notary Printed Name Circuit Signature of Buyer
Notary Signature Date Printed Name of Buyer
(Stamp or Seal)
Subscribed and sworn before me this day
City State Zip Code
Of , 20 .
Notary Public
State of Hawaii, Judicial Circuit
My commission expires:
(Stamp or Seal)
CS-L(MVR) 38A (4/09)
Hawaii Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney (Buyer) Form