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Hawaii Divorce Form 1

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Hawaii Divorce Form 1
Hawaii Divorce Form 1
(For the Island of Oahu)
In order to file a divorce action in the State of Hawaii, you
must have been domiciled or physically present on the island for a
continuous period of at least 3 months prior to the filing of the
Complaint for Divorce and either you or your spouse must have been
domiciled or physically present in the State of Hawaii for a
continuous period of at least 6 months prior to the filing of the
Complaint for Divorce. The islands are divided into separate
circuits. You must meet the minimum residency requirements and
file your Complaint for Divorce in the correct circuit.
- First Circuit = Oahu
- Second Circuit = Maui, Lanai, and Molokai
- Third Circuit = Hawaii (Hilo and Kona Divisions)
- Fifth Circuit = Kauai
Contact the Family Court in your circuit to obtain documents
to file your divorce.
Read through this entire instruction packet before you start
to fill in the documents. This packet includes instructions,
information and forms needed to obtain an uncontested divorce. The
instructions tell you what documents need to be completed, in what
order the documents need to be file-stamped by the Court, and what
you need to do to place your divorce case on the Court Calendar.
The Uncontested Divorce (without children) Document Checklist con-
tains information on how many copies of each document you need to
submit and who signs the document. The checklist also helps you see
what documents you have completed and what documents you still have
to do.
Most uncontested divorces proceed by way of an affidavit with
the Judge reviewing the documents you submit. This means that
neither you nor your spouse needs to appear at a Court hearing if
your documents are properly completed and all the necessary steps
have been followed. Therefore it is very important that you
understand what documents are needed and what you must do before
the Court will grant your divorce. If the Court has any questions
or concerns, you and your spouse may be required to appear at a
hearing or submit more documents.
It is important for you to realize that a divorce takes time.
Most of you will not be able to complete all your divorce documents
Hawaii Divorce Form 1