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GMAT Sample Questions Template 2

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GMAT Sample Questions Template 2
GMAT Sample Questions Template 2
Instruction: This file contains 205 sample questions on GMAT Critical Reasoning and
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1. Which of the following best completes the passage below
In a survey of job applicants, two-fifths admitted to being at least a little dishonest. However,
the survey may underestimate the proportion of job applicants who are dishonest,
A. some dishonest people taking the survey might have claimed on the survey to be honest
B. some generally honest people taking the survey might have claimed on the survey to be
C. some people who claimed on the survey to be at least a little dishonest may be very
D. some people who claimed on the survey to be dishonest may have been answering
E. some people who are not job applicants are probably at least a little dishonest
Answer with explanation:
A is the best answer.
If applicants who are in fact dishonest claimed to be honest, the survey results would show a
smaller proportion of dishonest applicants than actually exists. Therefore, this choice is the
best answer. B is inappropriate because generally honest applicants who claimed to be
dishonest could contribute to the overestimation, but not to the underestimation, of dishonest
applicants. D is inappropriate because applicants who admitted their dishonesty would not
contribute to an underestimation of the proportion of dishonest applicants. C and E are
inappropriate because the argument is concerned neither with degrees of dishonesty nor with
the honesty of non-applicants.
2. The average life expectancy for the United States population as a whole is 73.9 years, but
children born in Hawaii will live an average of 77 years, and those born in Louisiana, 71.7
years. If a newlywed couple from Louisiana were to begin their family in Hawaii, therefore, their
children would be expected to live longer than would be the case if the family remained in
Which of the following, if true, would most seriously weaken the conclusion drawn in the
A. Insurance company statisticians do not believe that moving to Hawaii will significantly
lengthen the average Louisianan's life.
B. The governor of Louisiana has falsely alleged that statistics for his state are inaccurate.
C. The longevity ascribed to Hawaii's current population is attributable mostly to genetically
determined factors.
D. Thirty percent of all Louisianans can expect to live longer than 77 years.
GMAT Sample Questions Template 2