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Glycemic Index Chart 2

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Glycemic Index Chart 2
Glycemic Index Chart 2
Clinical Practice Guidelines
Glycemic Index
What is the Glycemic Index of food
The Glycemic Index (GI) is a scale that ranks carbohydrate-rich foods
by how much they raise blood glucose levels compared to a standard
food. The standard food is glucose or white bread.
Why should I eat foods with a low Glycemic Index
Eating foods with a low Glycemic Index may help you to:
Control your blood glucose level
Control your cholesterol level
Control your appetite
Lower your risk of getting heart disease
Lower your risk of getting type 2 diabetes
Use these meal planning ideas to include the Glycemic Index
as part of healthy eating.
Enjoy vegetables, fruits and low-fat milk products with your
meals. These are carbohydrate-rich foods that, in general, have
low glycemic index.
Plan your meals with foods in the low and medium Glycemic
Index starch choices on the list that follows.
Try foods such as barley, bulgar, couscous, or lentils, which have
a low Glycemic Index.
Consult a registered dietitian for help with choosing low GI
foods, adapting recipes, and other ways to incorporate low GI
foods in your meal plan.
If I eat foods with a low Glycemic Index can I eat
as much as I want
No. Using the Glycemic Index to choose foods is only one part of
healthy eating.
Healthy eating also means:
Eating at regular times
Choosing a variety of foods
from all food groups
Limiting sugars and sweets
Reducing the amount of fat you eat
Including foods high in bre
Limiting salt, alcohol and caffeine
Remember that checking your blood glucose before
and 2 hours after a meal is the best way to know how
your body handles the meal.
Check out the Canadian Diabetes Association website, diabetes.ca, for more information.
Printed September 2008
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Glycemic Index Chart 2