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Georgia Limited Power of Attorney/Motor Vehicle Transactions Form

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Georgia Limited Power of Attorney/Motor Vehicle Transactions Form
Georgia Limited Power of Attorney/Motor Vehicle Transactions Form
T-8 Limited Power of Attorney - (Revised 07-17-07)
Limited Power of Attorney/Motor Vehicle Transactions*
I/We, _____________________________________________________________________________, appoint
(Vehicle Owner(s)’ Full Legal Name(s)
(Full Legal Name of Appointed Attorney-in-Fact – Only One (1) Attorney-in-Fact May Be Appointed)
as my/our attorney-in-fact, to represent (me/us) before the Georgia Department of Revenue or any of the
County Tax Commissioners’ offices in this state with respect to the following described vehicle:
Vehicle Year Model & Make:
Vehicle Identification Number (VIN):
Said attorney-in-fact is authorized to apply for an original or replacement certificate of title, to transfer title to said motor
vehicle and to perform on (my/our) behalf any act or thing whatsoever concerning such motor vehicle in every respect as
(I/we) could do were (I/we) personally present.
This power-of-attorney revokes all earlier powers-of-attorney and shall be in full force and effect until written revocation is
received by the commissioner but in no event shall this power-of-attorney be valid beyond twelve (12) months from the
date of its execution.
The undersigned owner(s) further certifies that this power-of-attorney was completely filled in at the time of its execution.
Signed this: ______of______________________. ________
(Day) (Month) (Year)
_____________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________
(Owner(s)’ Full Legal Name(s) – Printed or Typed) (Owner(s)’ Signature(s)
Acknowledgement of Notary Public
The undersigned notary public does hereby certify that the above named owner of the vehicle identified in this
appointment of an attorney-in-fact, executed this form in my presence and that said owner(s) was/were proven
to be the person(s) named by the use of the following form of positive, picture identification:
(Owner(s)’ Valid Driver’s License Number(s) & Name(s) of Issuing State(s)
Sworn to and subscribed before me: This ______day of ________________, ______
(Day) (Month) (Year)
______________________________________ ____________________________________________________
(Notary’s Full Legal Name & Address - Printed or Typed)
______________________________________ ____________________________________________________
(Notary’s Signature & Notary Seal or Stamp)
________________________________________ ____________________________________________
(Date My Notary Commission Expire) (Notary Public’s Telephone # or E-mail Address)
*This form can be electronically completed and printed for signing and submission from the Department of Revenue’s
www.dor.ga.gov. Except for signatures, this form must be typed, electronically completed and printed or printed
legibly by-hand in blue or black ink. This form must be completed in its entirety, signed and notarized. *It is a felony for
any person to willfully enter false information on a power-of-attorney form. The Department of Revenue or the
County Tag Office reserves the right to verify all information contained on this document before it is accepted.
Note: You
cannot use a ‘limited’ power of attorney when the seller/transferor and the buyer/transferee on the title
assignment are the
persons or agents of the same company or corporation when there is a requirement to disclose
the motor vehicle’s odometer reading.
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Georgia Limited Power of Attorney/Motor Vehicle Transactions Form