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General Power of Attorney Form 1

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General Power of Attorney Form 1
I, [Name], hereby appoint [Attorney in Fact], of [County] County, __________, my true and lawful attorney in
fact for me and to act in my name, place and stead and to do any and every lawful act and exercise any and
every power that I might or could do or exercise through any other person.
The circumstances which necessitate this Power of Attorney are as follows: [Circumstances Giving Rise to
Power of Attorney].
Accordingly, at my specific request and insistence, I have named and appointed [Attorney in Fact] as my
attorney in fact to perpetuate my business affairs as [he or she] deems best.
This Power of Attorney shall be a general or universal Power of Attorney and shall apply to all of my worldly
possessions, including but not limited to the specific items of property listed and attached to this agreement in
Exhibit "A". Exhibit "A" has been signed by me and is incorporated by reference in this Power of Attorney for
all purposes as if this exhibit were fully copied at length and inserted in this agreement.
My attorney in fact is authorized to act in my name, place and stead and for and on my behalf to do the
1. To exercise, act or perform any duty, obligation or right that I may now have or acquire, the legal
right, power or capacity to exercise or perform any business, personal or corporate, arising out of or relating to
any person, item, thing or transaction that deals with real property, personal property, separate, community real
or personal property, tangible or intangible property.
2. To ask, demand, sue for, recover, collect, receive, hold and possess all sums of money, debts, dues,
goods, wares, merchandise, chattels, effects, bonds, notes, checks, drafts, accounts, deposits, safe deposit boxes,
legacies, bequests, devises, interests, dividends, stock certificates, certificates of deposit, annuities, pension and
retirement benefits, stock options, insurance benefits and proceeds, documents of title, causes of action,
personal and real property, tangible and intangible property and property rights, and demands whatsoever,
liquidated or unliquidated, and things of whatsoever nature or description that now are or hereafter may be or
become due, owing, payable, or belonging to me in or by any right, title, ways or means and upon receipt
thereof or of any part thereof to make, sign, execute and deliver such receipts, releases or other discharges for
the same as may in fact be thought fit or advised.
3. To commence, prosecute, discontinue, or defend all actions or other legal proceedings touching my
estate or any part thereof or touching any matter in which I or my estate may be in any way concerned; and to
have, sue and take all lawful ways and means and legal and equitable remedies, procedures and writs in my
name for collection or recovery of any item or matter including collection of my accounts receivables in which
I have or may acquire an interest in, and to compromise, settle and agree to the same, and to make, execute and
deliver for me and in my name all endorsements, acquittances, releases, receipts or other sufficient discharges
for the same.
4. To lease, purchase, exchange and acquire, and to bargain, contract and agree for the lease, purchase
and exchange and acquisition of and to take, receive and possess any real or personal property whatever,
tangible or intangible, or any interest therein on such terms and conditions and under such covenants as may in
fact be deemed proper, including but not by way of limitation, the authority to purchase at discount or otherwise
United States government obligations redeemable at par value in payment of any federal estate tax obligation
that may be assessed upon or attributable to property I may own at the date of my death.
5. To enter into all of my real property, including but not limited to, my residence and homestead and
investment property, to let, manage or improve the same or any part thereof, to repair or otherwise improve,
alter and to insure any buildings and structures, including but not limited to, the opening and closing of
checking accounts at banks for payment of mortgage moneys owed on the above described property, repairs,
maintenance expenses and miscellaneous expenditures necessary to the management of this property, make and
collect moneys for deposit from rent or rentals, sale or leases or withdrawal accounts, set up and administer rent
or lease agreements for my real property including but not limited to my homestead, execute leases,
assignments, rentals, earnest money contracts, deeds, deeds of trusts or promissory notes applicable to this
property, obtain insurance policies for my real estate, hire and discharge real estate brokers, agents or other
commissioned sales personnel, hire workers, subcontractors and contractors and pay the moneys owed to such
General Power of Attorney Form 1