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Farewell Letter Colleagues

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Farewell Letter Colleagues
Dear {Recipient},
All right, maybe we shouldn’t be quite so formal. But it does feel a little bit
dramatic, doesn’t it, getting this {letter/card} from all of us Sort of like you’re
standing on the deck of a ship, waving to a crowd that’s screaming, “bon
voyage!” over the sound of a loud horn.
Or maybe you just think it looks like a {letter/card} signed by all of us. The point
is, we’re writing because we’ll miss you and we want to make sure you never
forget it. Working with you for the past {length of time} has been great, and it’s a
shame that all good things must come to an end. We’ll have to go on and do {an
upcoming project} without you, even though we all know that your work on {a
past project} is the reason we still have jobs.
We know you’re going to be amazing at {the new company, being a parent,
etc.}, so we’ll try not to be too sad that it means you’re leaving us behind.
Please keep in touch!
Good luck,
Farewell Letter Colleagues