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Farewell Letter

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Farewell Letter
Farewell Letter
Tim Burton
Team Leader
Information Technology Department
Sun Rise Technologies
Office Towers
45 Mountain Terrain Road
Holly Wood, Los Angeles 7945
Dated: 2
of March 2012
Subject: Letter to bid you farewell
Dear Mr. Burton,
I was sad to hear that you are resigning from your position as you will be joining a different
organization. I would like to bid you farewell.
Since I have joined this organization you have always been my inspiration. You have always
motivated me to give my best in my job. You have been my first trainer in this organization and
whatever I know about the policies and procedures of the company it is because of you. It is
very important to have guiding figure like you at workplace.
You will always be the best team leader with whom I have worked. Wishing you all the best and
loads of success for your future endeavors.
Tom Cruise
Junior software engineer
Farewell Letter