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Executive Summary Example 2

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Executive Summary Example 2
Executive Summary
Starbucks captures people who are on the go into a slow and relaxing
European lifestyle. With the potential to capture customers, Howard Schultz
brought back the café late. This was gourmet coffee introduced to America.
Through tradition, advancement, rhetoric of advertising, growth of demand for
gourmet coffee, customers become loyal to a Starbucks Nation. Within this
nation, customers are able to spend as much time as they want, either reading a
paper, or surfing the web. Starbucks customers are also allowed to enjoy its
natural-looking habitat If customers have suggestions to improve Starbucks,
they are able to input their own ideas on the Starbucks website.
As mentioned before, Starbucks customers try to enjoy a slow life.
However, those who do not have time to attempt a European lifestyle live the
American way of Dunkin Donuts: constantly on the run. America, is also a unit as
it is represented in commercials showing us that we as a whole relay on Dunkin.
Dunkin Donuts also mocks this European lifestyle that Starbucks attempts to
imitate by ridiculing Starbucks’ names for drinks such as a simple tall mocha.
The Dunkin Donuts site alone promotes American activity with such activities on
their website such as contests.!
Executive Summary Example 2