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Example of Itemized Receipt

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Example of Itemized Receipt
Example of Itemized Receipt
Example of Itemized Receipt
For Green Exchange Rebate Program
The format requested to process invoices submitted for the Green Exchange Rebate
Program is an "itemized" invoice. Please ask your landscape professional to format the
itemized bill as shown. While the sample invoice provides all associated costs to the job,
the rebate only covers the cost of the materials. Cost per unit must not exceed
manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP). Please refer to additional terms and
conditions found on the rebate eligibility form.
Name and Address of Landscape Company
Date of Invoice
Name of Customer
Address of Customer including City, State and Zip
City of Santa Rosa Irrigation Account Number
Product Cost Per Unit
Quantity Total Cost
Hunter MPR40-06 spray head $15.00 20 $300.00
Hunter 1000 series MP Rotator nozzle $ 5.00 20 $100.00
Toro ½” poly distribution tubing, 100’ roll $12.50 5 $ 62.50
Jute stakes (ea.) $ 0.14 500 $ 70.00
Netafim emitters (.5 gph) $ 0.35 150 $ 52.50
Hunter Mini-Clik rain sensor $18.00 1 $ 18.00
Materials $ 603.00
Sales Tax $ 48.24
Delivery $ 50.00
Labor $ 4,600.00
Total Due $ 5,301.24
*Must not exceed MSRP.
69 Stony Circle • Santa Rosa, CA 95401
Phone (707) 5433985 • Fax: (707) 5433937
Example of Itemized Receipt