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Event Ticket Template 2

Event Ticket Template 2
Event Ticket Template 2
You must DELETE THIS LAYER prior to sending in your nal art le.
PrintFirm, Inc. is not liable for nal product printed with this template.
For questions regarding this template, please contact the art department at 1-866-668-5152
ArTworK wITh bordErs
Minimum border thickness must be 1/4”
(0.25”) thick plus the 1/8” (0.125”) bleed
for correct print ready artwork. Total
border size from the bleed line is 3/8”
Sample of border on left in red.
Orange :: Bleed Margin
Any artwork that requires printing to the
edge of the paper, must extend to this area.
(Artwork in this area will be trimmed off.)
Red Dashed Line :: Trim Area
This is where the artwork will be trimmed.
Green Solid Line :: Safe Zone
Any artwork that you wish not to be trimmed,
must be within this area.
Blue Dashed Line :: Perforation
This is where the ticket will be perforated.
(This line can be moved in. Minimum 1.5”)
Event Ticket Template 2