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Event Proposal Template 1

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Event Proposal Template 1
Event Proposal Template 1
Event Proposal
Date of application:
Type of event:: Speaker Concert Show/performance Other
Expected Date
Executed Date
Room booked
Sight and sound confirmed
Meeting with Norris Staff (if necessary)
Meeting planning dates (e.g. Wednesdays
at 7)
Begin search process for
Verbal confirmation of performer/speaker
Contracts sent out
Contracts given to CSI
Contracts signed and showed to AE/GE
Vouchers signed by AE/GE and advisor
Check processed for performer (if
Checks processed for reimbursement
Publicity plan created and shown to
Ground flyered
Other publicity (quarter sheets, Norris
tvs, etc)
List of all individuals in charge of the event
Detail your communication plan with your AE and advisor
Event Proposal Template 1