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Employment Contract Template 3

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Employment Contract Template 3
Employment Contract Template 3
© Canterbury Employers’ Chamber of Commerce, July 2012
Whilst every endeavour has been made to ensure that the content of this material is consistent with the requirements of the Employment Relations Act and
other legislation, as understood at the time of its publication, the Canterbury Employers Chamber of Commerce accepts no liability for any action taken, or
consequences arising therefrom, in reliance of the advice contained herein.
This sample Individual Employment Agreement complies with requirements of
the Employment Relations Act 2000 and amendments. It contains a number of
provisions, and in some cases, alternatives to provisions, which individual
organisations may or may not wish or need to include. In other instances it
may require elaboration or additional provisions. Remember, it is a sample. It
should not simply be used as a template but should be adapted to meet the
unique needs and culture of your organisation.
It is important (particularly where you propose to utilise the 90-day trial
provision) that
the employment agreement is provided to the prospective employee
at the same time as an offer of employment is made and it is made
clear that the offer of employment is conditional upon the employee
signing an employment agreement.
the prospective employee is given a reasonable opportunity to
obtain independent legal advice before signing the agreement.
you ensure that the agreement is finalised and signed (and every
page initialled) before or at the time employment commences not
You retain (mandatory from 1/7/11) a copy of every employment
agreement or intended agreement.
NOTE: The 90-day trial can not be used where there has been a
previous employment relationship between the parties.
If you need further assistance with the preparation of your employment
agreements please contact the Employment Relations Advisers on 03 366 5096.
Employment Contract Template 3