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Employment Agreement Template 1

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Employment Agreement Template 1
Model Contract of Employment
This document sets out the main particulars of the terms and conditions of employment and also
acts as the Principal Statement under the Employment Rights Act 1996.
The parties to the contract:
[Name and address of employer]
[Name of employee]
Place of work:
Your normal place of work will be the above address.
Required clause if you comply with the provisions in note 1
You may be required to work at any of the organisation's other offices in the UK on a temporary
or permanent basis.]
[Required clauses if the employee will work overseas for a period of one month or more (see note
You will be required to work in our [place of work] for [duration of the assignment overseas].]
During these periods you will be paid in [currency].
[Terms and conditions relating to the employee's return to the UK]
Date employment commenced: [day, month, year].
[Required clause if you comply with the provisions in note 3
Date on which continuous employment commenced (if different): [day, month, year]]
Job title: [job title].
Normal hours of work: see note 4
Your normal hours of work are [insert total number of hours] per week, [start hour] to [end
hour] OR [insert hours for normal working day] [Monday] to [Friday], with [insert length of
break] for lunch each day.
Your rate of pay will be £[Salary] per annum.
This is payable in [12 equal monthly] installments by [credit transfer (BACS) OR cheque OR
cash] on the [last working day OR specific day, e.g. last Thursday OR date, e.g. 24
other] of the month.
Required clause if you pay your employees weekly
Your wages will be £[Wages] per week and will be paid weekly in [arrears OR advance] by
[credit transfer (BACS) OR cheque OR cash] on each [specific day of the week e.g. Friday].
[Salaries OR Wages] are reviewed in [month] each year and any amendments become
effective from [month].
A review does not guarantee a pay rise and there is no contractual right to an annual pay
Pay arrangements are not covered by a collective agreement.
Employment Agreement Template 1