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Email Signature Example 1

Email Signature Example 1
Email Signature Example 1
Email Signatures
Haas School of Business Identity Standards 34
Over time, the wide range of programs, centers, and
groups at Berkeley-Haas has led to significant
differences in the ways in which people associate
themselves with the school. This is most evident in
email signatures.
Students, faculty, and staff should follow the guidelines and examples
on these pages when creating their email signatures. Important things
to keep in mind when creating your signature:
Business, UC Berkeley, should appear in the signature. Other
variations, such as Berkeley-Haas or Walter A. Haas School of
Business, should not be used.
Haas email signature is the school or program (or group) logo. Do
not use both logos-choose one or the other. Do not include banners
or photos to represent your affiliation with Haas. Note that any art
used in email often does not appear or may appear as empty image
icons, depending on the recipient’s email browser settings.
or blue, and no bold or italic text (exception: the school tagline should
be italicized).
Email Signature Example 1