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Email Newsletter

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Email Newsletter
Email Newsletter
E-Mail Newsletter
AUGUST 5, 2014
“Make sure you don’t
lose the customers
you’ve spent so much
energy to acquire.”
Keep these things in
mind for a newsletter
with impact:
1. Use big
2. Make your
articles short
and to the
3. All information
should be of
value to the
Staying in touch with customers
Often businesses spend as much time and effort gathering new customers as they
do on anything else. It’s also one of the most costly functions of doing business. So
it’s important to make sure you don’t lose the customers you’ve spent so much
energy to acquire. The alternative is to continue with the time-consuming process of
finding new customers from an ever-shrinking pool of prospects. And since it costs
much less to keep existing customers instead of constantly replacing them, it just
makes good business sense to do what it takes to keep them coming back.
Regular communication with your customers lets them know how much you value
them and their business. Show them that you care by offering valuable information
such as tips on how to use your products and services more effectively, event
announcements, information on upcoming new products and expanded services, and
special discounts on existing ones.
E-mail newsletters—quick, easy
Using an e-mail newsletter can be an effective, low-cost method for staying in touch
with your customers. It helps reduce churn and can easily generate more business
from customers you’ve already spent a great deal of effort to win. Since there are no
mailing and printing costs involved, it’s also very gentle to your bottom-line.
Another benefit is the almost instantaneous delivery that e-mail affords. You don’t
have to worry whether the Post Office will get the newsletter to your customers in
time for them to take advantage of a special offer.
Microsoft Office Word makes it simple to create and send e-mail newsletters.
Customers will appreciate the regular communication and you could be rewarded
with more business from your existing customer base.
Create a customized template
Add your company logo, change the colors to reflect the ones
your business uses, put in your business address, phone
numbers, and Web site addressin other words, develop a
basic template reflecting your company’s look that will stay the
same for each issue.
It’s a good idea to use Web Layout view (on the View menu, click Web Layout) when
creating your newsletter. That’s the look your customers will be seeing when they
receive your e-mail.
Email Newsletter