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Wisconsin Cash Farm Lease Form

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Wisconsin Cash Farm Lease Form Page 4
Wisconsin Cash Farm Lease Form
- 4 -
(a) The price location point will be ______________________________________________________________.
(market or place)
(b) The price will be based on the crop as stated above.
The price used will be an average of _______________________________________ quoted in
(months, dates, times)
______________________________________ at the close of the market days for the dates, months, and
(market news sources)
times stipulated above for the kind and grade of crop produced, the grade of crop to be determined by
generally accepted grading procedures or as follows:____________________________________________
(c) The following adjustments shall be made to the unit price:
1. Grade ________________________________________
2. Location_______________________________________
3. Time__________________________________________
2. The first payment shall be made on _________________________ _______, 20_____ and shall be computed
(month) (date)
by taking the agreed upon expected price, times ________% of the agreed upon expected physical amount.
The other installment(s) to be paid as follows:______________________________________________________
3. Upon mutual agreement, the Lessor can take the agreed upon physical amount of the crop in kind. If this option is
selected, it must be stated by the Lessor in writing 60 days before the first installment is due. The Lessor will then
receive the rent in kind at the harvest of the crop.
4. Other provisions: (such as arrangements for hauling, storing, and marketing of Lessor’s crop) _______________
5. Overdue rental payments shall bear interest at the annual effective rate of ___________%.
1. Amount of Rent and Time of Payment: The annual rent for this farm to b paid by the Lessee to the Lessor is the
dollar value as stipulated in the sliding scale “Cash Rent Table” below at the time of division or disposition of crop.
$ Value of Crop Production
Lessor’s Share of Crop
Base Amount
Wisconsin Cash Farm Lease Form