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North Dakota Lease Agreement

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discovering any signs of serious building problems such as foundation cracks, a tilting porch, a crack
in plaster, buckling drywall or siding, a spongy floor, a leaky water heater, etc. If the tenant does not
notify landlord in a prompt matter the tenant may be held financially responsible.
Upon being notified by Tenants that there is some building defect in which is hazardous to health, life,
or safety, Owners shall undertake repairs as soon as possible. Should there be a delay of more than
seventy-two (72) hours in making repairs, due to difficulty in scheduling the work or obtaining parts
or for any other reason beyond the Owners’ control, Owners agree to keep Tenants informed about the
progress of work.
As of the date of this Agreement, Owners warrant that the dwelling’s sewage drains are in good
working order and that they will accept the normal household waste for which they were designed.
They will not accept things such as diapers, sanitary napkins, tampons, children’s toys, wads of toilet
paper, balls of hair, grease, oil, table scraps, clothing, rags, sand, dirt, rocks, or newspapers. Tenants
agree to pay for clearing the drains of any and all stoppages except those which the plumber who is
called to clear the stoppage will attest in writing were caused by defective plumbing, tree roots, or acts
of God. Please use a drain filter to save unnecessary time & money with repairs.
The Tenants agree to never use any form of pesticides (including rat poison, roach sprays, etc), or
fertilizers unless written permission is granted from the Landlord.
The Tenants hereby state that work or repairs that need to be done will be handled by competent
professionals, unless Tenants are qualified and capable of doing the work themselves and doing it
properly, in a safe manner that meets all federal, state, and local regulations and have written approval
from the landlord. Tenants further state that they will be legally responsible for any mishap they
either do themselves or hire others to do. Landlord will be held free from harm and liability along
with his agents and representatives. In the event that needed repairs are beyond the Tenants’ capacity,
they are urged to arrange for professional help.
The management company is ___________________. This company may be represented at various
times by it’s employees or agents, who will carry identification. Management Co. _____________
___________________ is authorized to act for and on behalf of the Owner for the purpose of
receiving and receipting notices and demands and for the service of process and all other acts which
Landlord could or would do if personally present. The address for Management Co. is __________
_______________________________________________ .
The Owner reserves the right to enter the residence at reasonable times to inspect, make necessary
repairs, supply services, or show it to prospective residents, purchasers, workmen, or contractors.
Whenever practicable, a two-day notice of the Owner’s intent to enter shall be given to the Resident.
Tenants shall not sublet the entire premises or any part of the premises, nor shall they assign this
Agreement to anyone else without first obtaining Landlords’ written permission. Prospective
sublessees or assignees must submit an application to the Landlord and must agree to credit,
background, reference, and employment verification as well as the obligation to pay a non-refundable
$____ application fee. Permission to sublease will be determined by the sole discretion of the
32. PETS:
Pets are allowed on the premises only by obtaining the Landlords’ written permission first. When
possession of the property is given to the Tenant, only those pets listed on the Rental Application will
be allowed unless subsequent written permission has been granted. “Pets” does not include animals
North Dakota Lease Agreement