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Resignation Letter Template 1

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Can the tone of my resignation letter later hurt me
Yes! Are you considering writing a resignation letter to vent your feelings or get even That is
the wrong approach.
If you are angry or see your resignation letter as an opportunity to get revenge, follow this
rule: write your letter and set it aside for a day or so. Once you are calm, rewrite it in a way
that will help you get future jobs because:
You may want to reapply for another job with your current employer. Many people do.
Future employers may call your old boss.
Your colleagues are watching you as you transition away from your present job. You'll
probably want to network with them for your next job.
Your letter of resignation is the last reflection of your character.
Now is the time for grace and class, not revenge.
What should my resignation letter accomplish
Maintain professional relationships
Maintain your dignity
Keep doors open (don't burn bridges)
Write a well-worded resignation letter that highlights your accomplishments. Before starting,
enjoy reading a variety of sample resignation and cover letters before writing your own and
learn from other's insights.
Resignation Letter Template 1