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Missouri Month to Month Rental Agreement

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Missouri Month to Month Rental Agreement Page 3
Missouri Month to Month Rental Agreement
Month-to-Month Lease
Page - 3
Tenant __________
for his failure to observe and perform the covenants in this Lease. Landlord may, at his sole option, hold
Tenant liable for any difference between the Rent payable under this Lease during the balance of the
Lease Term, and any rent paid by a successive Tenant if the Premises are re-let. In the event that after
default by Tenant Landlord is unable to re-let the Premises during any remaining term of this Lease ,
Landlord may at his option hold Tenant liable for the balance of the unpaid Rent under the Lease for the
remainder of the Lease Term.
5. Quiet Enjoyment.
5.1 Quiet Enjoyment. Landlord covenants and agrees with Tenant that upon Tenant paying
Rent, and observing and performing all of the terms, covenants and conditions on Tenant’s part to be
observed and performed under this Lease, Tenant may peaceably and quietly enjoy the Premises, subject
nonetheless to the terms and conditions of this Lease.
6. Assignment and Subletting.
6.1 Assignment. Tenant expressly covenants that it shall not assign or sublease any interest in
this Lease without prior written consent of the Landlord, which consent shall not be unreasonably
withheld. Any assignment or sublease without Landlord’s written prior consent shall, at Landlord’s
option, terminate this Lease. No assignment, underletting, occupancy or collection shall be deemed a
waiver of the provisions of this Lease, the acceptance of the assignee, under tenant or occupant as tenant,
or a release of Tenant from the further performance by Tenant of covenants on the part of Tenant in this
7. The Premises: Possession; Treatment; etc.
7.1 Possession and Surrender. Tenant shall be entitled to possession of the Premises on the
first day of the Lease Term, and Tenant shall not be obliged to accept possession of the Premises prior to
the first day of the Lease Term. At the expiration of the Lease Term, Tenant shall peaceably surrender the
Premises to Landlord or Landlord’s agent in good condition, as it was at the commencement of the Lease,
subject to ordinary wear and tear.
7.2 Utilities and Services. Tenant will be responsible for all utilities and services required on
the Premises, except that Landlord will provide the following:
7.3 Pets. Tenant is not permitted to keep any Pets on the Premises without the prior written
consent of Landlord.
7.4 Hazardous Materials. Tenant shall not keep or have on or around the Premises any item
of a dangerous, flammable or explosive nature that might unreasonably increase the risk of fire or
explosion on or around the Premises or that might be considered hazardous by any responsible insurance
Missouri Month to Month Rental Agreement