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Maryland Statutory Form Limited Power of Attorney

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Maryland Statutory Form Limited Power of Attorney
Second Successor Agent's Address:
Second Successor Agent's Telephone Number:
I ("the principal") grant my agent and any successor agent, with respect to each subject that I
choose below, the authority to do all acts that I could do to:
(1) Demand, receive, and obtain by litigation or otherwise, money or another thing of
value to which the principal is, may become, or claims to be entitled, and conserve, invest,
disburse, or use anything so received or obtained for the purposes intended;
(2) Contract with another person, on terms agreeable to the agent, to accomplish a
purpose of a transaction and perform, rescind, cancel, terminate, reform, restate, release, or
modify the contract or another contract made by or on behalf of the principal;
(3) Execute, acknowledge, seal, deliver, file, or record any instrument or communication
the agent considers desirable to accomplish a purpose of a transaction, including creating a
schedule contemporaneously or at a later time listing some or all of the principal's property and
attaching the schedule to this power of attorney;
(4) Initiate, participate in, submit to alternative dispute resolution, settle, oppose, or
propose or accept a compromise with respect to a claim existing in favor of or against the
principal or intervene in litigation relating to the claim;
(5) Seek on the principal's behalf the assistance of a court or other governmental agency
to carry out an act authorized in this power of attorney;
(6) Engage, compensate, and discharge an attorney, accountant, discretionary investment
manager, expert witness, or other advisor;
(7) Prepare, execute, and file a record, report, or other document to safeguard or promote
the principal's interest under a statute or regulation;
(8) Communicate with representatives or employees of a government or governmental
subdivision, agency, or instrumentality, on behalf of the principal;
(9) Access communications intended for, and communicate on behalf of the principal,
whether by mail, electronic transmission, telephone, or other means; and
(10) Do lawful acts with respect to the subject and all property related to the subject.
(INITIAL each authority in any subject you want to include in the agent's general authority.
Cross through each authority in any subject that you want to exclude. If you wish to grant
general authority over an entire subject, you may initial "All of the above" instead of initialing
each authority.)
A. Real Property – With respect to this category, I authorize my agent to:
Maryland Statutory Form Limited Power of Attorney