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New Program Proposal Template

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New Program Proposal Template
New Program Proposal Template
This Template leads you to answer the array of questions about your proposed program that are important to
your department, your college, the Faculty Senate, the Higher Education Coordinating Board, and to external
Completing the analyses in the Workbook for Analyzing Demand and Cost and the Workbook for Analyzing
Library Capacity puts you in a position to demonstrate convincingly the financial aspects needed to support
the academic merit of your proposal. It helps you to think systematically about the fiscal side of a new
degree proposal and integrates strategic, operational and financial planning.
By placing all proposals in a similar format, this template provides a common standard for comparison,
ensuring that all potential programs can be evaluated in an equitable fashion. It can be used to determine
whether or not a program is feasible within the university’s academic and financial situation, and if it will
have the resources to further the University’s objective of providing high quality education and scholarship.
Finally, this template can become a framework to think about the viability of your ideas. It can thus be a tool
for strengthening both your proposal and the resulting program itself, since a program that is starved for
either students or resources from its inception will not become a high quality program.
Here are some of the things you will be asking as you complete the template:
What are your aspirations for the reputation of this program – local, regional, national What will it
take to make that a reality
Who are we trying to attract with this new program Will it bring new students to the university
How strong is the demand for education of this kind, and what are the odds that someone who
receives such an education will find meaningful employment
How many students do we need to attract to break even, and can both the market and our capacity
support this number
Providing hard answers to such questions maximizes the likelihood that a new program will not just win
faculty senate and administration acceptance, but ultimately will be successful in attracting new students and
placing graduates.
New Program Proposal Template