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Nanny Employment Contract

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Nanny Employment Contract Page 2
Nanny Employment Contract
List specifics of the nannies responsibilities. For example the child’s routine, nap
time, feeding times, reading times, gymbaroo classes, swimming classes, park
visits, mothers/nanny group.
Include Parenting philosophy, disciplinary measures, TV time, sleeping methods,
nutrition - what the child is allowed to eat, hygiene washing hands before and
after nappy change – safety – no go zones for the child/nanny in the house and
who can visit the child or pick up the child – grand parent, sister, ex husband
____% is the agreed superannuation entitlement.
If the nanny works for more than 30 hours a week they are entitled to
superannuation which should be part of your employment contract agreement.
This is currently 9% of the employee’s gross wage. (Superannuation Guarantee
ruling SGR 93/1)
Additional Expenses
An additional cash amount of $____ will be provided for any out of pocket
Agree on any additional out of pocket expenses. It’s a good idea to set aside an
additional cash amount each week to cover outings, snacks, excursions,
swimming classes etc.
Car Allowance
If the car is to be used to transport the children here is an example of what you
might want to put in your contract.
The nanny’s/employers car will be used for transportation of the children on
occasion and insurance coverage has been arranged. The insurance costs are to
be incurred by nanny/employer.
A car seat will be provided by the employer.
If nanny’s car is to be used - Car allowance of $___ per km is agreed and will be
paid on receipt of a log book with the kilometres recorded.
Room & Board
If room and board is to be provided list benefits such as room and board and
other amenities if applicable - TV, CD, DVD, phone, meals provided, etc
Notice Period
The notice period is _____ weeks. Payment in lieu of notice is ____ week’s
An agreed period of notice should be set down for both parties including any
arrangement for payment in lieu of notice. The standard notice period is
generally two to four weeks notice.
Nanny Employment Contract