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Nanny Client Sample contract

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Nanny Client Sample contract
1.6 Unless prevented by illness or injury the Nanny
a) shall devote the whole of her time, attention and ability, both during
normal working hours and during such other reasonable additional
hours as may be agreed between the Employer and Nanny, for the
performance of her duties for the Employer, and
b) follow all lawful instructions of the Employer,
c) not perform any paid or unpaid work for any third party within the
working hours of the Employer without the prior written consent of the
Employer. [delete if not applicable]
2. Remuneration
2.1 The Nanny's gross salary will be £ [ ] per [week/month]. The salary shall
be reviewed [once/twice] a year on [insert date(s)] but any increase in salary
shall be at the total discretion of the Employer.
2.2 The salary shall be payable in arrears on the last working day in each
[week/month] by a cheque or a direct debit payment direct to the Nanny's
bank, as agreed by the parties. The Employer shall ensure that the Nanny is
given a payslip on the date of payment detailing gross payment, deductions
and net payment.
2.3 The Nanny shall receive the following benefits:
(a) Accommodation
The Employer provides the following accommodation:
[insert details including whether sole use or shared]
(b) Meals
The Employer provides the following meals:
[insert details]
(c) Use of car
The Employer [does/does not] provide use of a car.
[If a car is provided, state if provided for on-duty and off-duty use]
(d) Pension
The Employer [does/does not] provide pension contributions.
[If you do provide pension contributions give details]
(e) [Private Health scheme]
The Employer [does/does not] provide private health insurance.
[If yes provide details]
2.4 The Nanny shall be reimbursed by the Employer for all reasonable expenses
incurred by her in the performance of her duties under this contract, provided
that the expenses are incurred with the approval of the Employer and
provided the Nanny produces such evidence of expenditure as the Employer
may reasonably require. Mileage costs shall be reimbursed at the rate of
[insert number] pence per mile if the Nanny uses her own car during
performance of her duties.
2.5 The Nanny agrees that the Employer shall be entitled to deduct from any
amount payable to the Nanny under this contract:-
(a) any deductions required by law (including PAYE income tax, and
National Insurance Contributions), and
Nanny Client Sample contract