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Time Base Contract Sample

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Time Base Contract Sample Page 2
Time Base Contract Sample
rates agreed and specified in Annex C, “Cost Estimate of
Services, List of Personnel and Schedule of Rates.”
C. Reimbursables – Not Applicable
The Client shall pay the Consultant for reimbursable
expenses, which shall consist of and be limited to:
(i) Normal and customary expenditures for official
travel, accommodation, printing, and telephone
charges; official travel will be reimbursed at the cost
of less than first class travel and will need to be
authorized by the Client’s coordinator;
(ii) Such other expenses as approved in advance by the
Client’s coordinator.
D. Payment Conditions
Payment shall be made in US Dollars not later than 7 days
after the end of each month following submission of
invoices in duplicate to the Coordinator designated in
paragraph 4.
4. Project
A. Coordinator
The Client designates [Insert the client coordinator Name]
as Client’s Coordinator; the Coordinator shall be
responsible for the coordination of activities under the
Contract, and for approving payments.
B. Timesheets
During the course of their work under this Contract,
including field work, the Consultant may be required to
complete timesheets or any other document used to identify
time spent, as instructed by the Project Coordinator.
C. Records and Accounts (Not Applicable)
The Consultant shall keep accurate and systematic records
and accounts in respect of the Services, which will clearly
identify all charges and expenses. The Client reserves the
right to audit, or to nominate a reputable accounting firm to
audit, the Consultant’s records relating to amounts claimed
under this Contract during its term and any extension, and for
a period of three months thereafter.
5. Performance
The Consultant undertakes to perform the Services with the highest
Time Base Contract Sample