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Catering Agreement

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Catering Agreement Page 2
applicable, less the Date Charge and any further deposits made on the contract
a. Client agrees to pay Caterer all monies due and payable no later than
15 days prior to the scheduled event, unless otherwise agreed upon by
the client and caterer in writing and attached to this contract.
b. Client agrees to pay a guaranteed fee assessed for the minimum
number of _______ guests, at the cost of $__________ per guest, this
number may not be reduced.
Client agrees to pay the additional amount of $_________ for each
additional guest if the count is raised less then 14 days prior to the
5. Additional Services: Client agrees to pay for any and all additional services
requester by the client, e.g. decorations, rental of facility, rental of equipment, and all
supplies; set up of rental equipment, refuge removal, etc. Additional services
requested shall be included, and added to the proposal where time permits. Verbal
modification by the client the day of the event will be included on the settlement bill.
1. Duties of the Caterer:
a. Cater represents to the Client that The Road Kill Catering Company, LLC
is licensed with the State of XXXXXXXX and is in compliance with
county health department rules and regulations.
b. Caterer maintains a general liability insurance policy. For each and every
c. Caterer agrees to provide service to the Client for the Term listed in
paragraph 1 above. Service shall include Preparation and Service of the
food items as specifically provided for in Attachment “A”.
d. Caterer agrees to provide any and all additional services as requested and
previously agreed upon by the Client and caterer. Caterer shall be
responsible for initial payment of fees and deposits assessed by any rental
of equipment or supplies obtained from an outside source or vendor and
be offered by the Caterer. Caterer agrees to indemnify and hold Client
harmless for Payment of fees incurred to any rental agency the caterer is
2. Duties of the Client:
a. Client agrees to provide suitable contracted facility for Caterer to perform
duties required for the number of guest expected. Client agrees to arrange for, or
personally provide access to said facility to accommodate the reasonable set-up
and preparation prior to the event. Client acknowledges responsibility for any and
all liability arising from rental and use of said facility, that is not a direct result of
the caterer’s activities.
b. Client acknowledges liability for any damage to the rental equipment used
during the course of the event.
c. Client agrees to full responsibility of all financial arrangements provided for
Catering Agreement