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Rental Agreement Template 1

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Rental Agreement Template 1
(name of landlord or landlord's representative) (address) (phone)
In case of emergency, Tenant shall contact the following person:
(name of landlord) (address) (phone)
9. Utilities Utilities shall be paid by the party indicated on the following chart:
(Please place checkmark under the person who will pay for the utility.)
Electricity __________ __________ ____________
Gas __________ __________ ____________
Heat* __________ __________ _____________
Garbage Collection __________ __________ _____________
Trash Removal __________ __________ _____________
Hot Water* __________ __________ _____________
Other ________________ __________ __________ _____________
The Landlord must provide the facilities for the provision of heat and hot water.
7. Use of Property Tenant shall use the property for residential purposes only. Tenant agrees not to engage in or permit
any household members, relatives, guests, invitees or agents to engage in any unlawful use of the dwelling unit,
common areas or grounds.
8. Notice of Absence from Unit
Tenant shall notify the landlord in writing if the dwelling unit will be left unoccupied
by at least one adult household member for a period of longer than 30 days, and shall advise Landlord how to contact
Tenant during such period.
9. Tenant's Duty to Maintain Premises
The Tenant shall maintain the premises in a clean and neat condition and at all
times comply with an occupant's obligations under Article II of the Massachusetts State Sanitary Code.
10. Waste of Utilities
Tenant shall make every reasonable effort to conserve the use of utilities supplied and paid for by
the Landlord and shall not waste the same.
11. Damage
Tenant shall use all appliances, fixtures and equipment in a safe manner and only for the purposes for which
they are intended and shall not litter, destroy, deface, damage or remove any part of the dwelling unit, common areas
or grounds. Tenant shall pay amounts due for repairs for property damage, reasonable wear and tear excepted, caused
by the intentional or negligent conduct of Tenant, a member of the Tenant's household, relatives, invitees, guests or
agents upon receipt of a bill from Landlord. The written bill shall include items of damage, the corrective action taken
and the cost thereof.
12. Alterations
No substantial alterations, addition or improvement shall be made by Tenant in or to the dwelling unit
without the permission of Landlord in writing. Such consent shall not be unreasonably withheld, but may include the
Tenant's agreeing to restore the dwelling unit to its prior condition before moving out.
13. Locks
Tenant shall not change, alter, replace or add new locks without written consent of Landlord. Any locks so
permitted to be installed shall become property of the Landlord and shall not be removed by Tenant. The Tenant shall
promptly give a duplicate key to any such changed, altered, replaced or new lock to Landlord.
14. Noise
Tenant agrees not to allow on his/her premises any excessive noise or other activity which disturbs the peace
and quiet of other tenants in the building. Landlord agrees to prevent other tenants and other persons in the building or
common areas from similarly disturbing Tenant's peace and quiet.
15. Subleasing
Tenant shall not assign this agreement or sublet the dwelling unit without the written consent of
Landlord. Such consent shall not be withheld without good reason. This paragraph shall not prevent Tenant from
having guests for reasonably short periods of time.
Rental Agreement Template 1