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Horse Lease Agreement 2

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Horse Lease Agreement 2 Page 2
pg. 2
4.2. Late Fees. Lessor shall charge Lessee and Lessee shall pay a late fee of $______
if the monthly rental is not paid by the 5th day after its due date and $______ for each day the
rental payment remains unpaid thereafter.
Lessee shall pay $_____________ Dollars in advance as a refundable deposit for the
performance of the terms and conditions of this lease. Lessee shall not be entitled to any refund
of the deposit unless the Lessee complies with all provisions of the Lease. Unpaid rent or Late
Fee and any other un-reimbursed expense incurred by Lessor for Lessee’s benefit shall be
deducted from the deposit at the Lease Termination and the balance, if any, returned to Lessee
within _____ days of lease termination.
6. USE.
6.1. Days of Use. Lessee shall be able to use the Horse on the following days and
times during the term of this lease________________________________________________
6.2 Type of Use. Lessee covenants that during the term of this Lease, the Horse shall
be used for the sole purpose(s) of: (check all that apply) __showing ___trail riding
___ Pleasure riding ____training _____other ________________________________________
Lessee further represents that the only persons who may use the Horse during the Lease Term are
Lessee shall not use the Horse for any other purpose except as set forth herein unless agreed to in writing
by Lessor.
6.3 Trainers. During the term of this Lease, Lessee shall only use the following
trainer(s) ______________________________________________________________
6.4. Compliance with Law. Lessee, at Lessee's expense, shall at all times the Horse is in Lessee’s
possession, comply with all applicable statutes, ordinances, rules, regulations,
orders and requirements in effect during the Term regulating the use, care or boarding of the
7.1. Lessee's Obligations. If during the term of this Lease the Horse is in the exclusive possession of
Lessee, Lessee shall, at Lessee’s sole expense provide reasonable care for the Horse, including but not
limited to a safe, clean environment, regular and adequate food and
water, all veterinary care, hoof care, grooming and exercise.
7.2. Lessor’s Rights. If Lessee fails to perform Lessee's obligations under paragraph 7.1, Lessor shall have
the right, at its option, to declare a breach of the Lease Agreement and
enter the Lessee’s premises, and re-take possession of the Horse or Lessor may discharge
Lessee’s obligations to pay veterinary, feed or boarding expense and the cost thereof shall
become due and payable to Lessor as additional rent, to be paid with Lessee's next rent
Horse Lease Agreement 2