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Standard Lease Agreement

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Standard Lease Agreement
Form No. 2 (Rev. 10/2004) "Copyright Rental Property Owners Association of Kent County 2004"
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9. Timely Payment of Rent. Failure of Tenant to pay rent on the day it is due on three or more occasions during any previous six month
period is a breach of this Agreement and grounds for termination of the tenancy.
10. Additional Rent: If the Tenant fails to perform any obligation of this Agreement, such as, but not limited to, payment of utilities, trash
removal, repairs, maintenance, etc., which results in a monetary expenditure by the Landlord,
such amounts will be deemed additional
rent which is immediately due and payable OR
all payments made to Landlord will be applied to amounts owed for these expenditures
in the following order: 1
late fees; 2
utilities; 3
damages; 4
pass due rent; 5
current rent due.
11. Returned Checks and Other Bank Charges. If any check offered by Tenant to Landlord in payment of rent or any other amount due
under this Agreement is returned for lack of sufficient funds, a “stop payment” or any other reason, Tenant will pay Landlord a returned
check charge of $_________________, plus any bank charges assessed.
12. Renewal and Modification of Lease Agreement: This Agreement shall be automatically renewed for successive terms of one month
each, subject to the following conditions: Landlord or Tenant may decline the automatic renewal of this Agreement by giving one month
advance written notice prior to the expiration of the original term or successive terms. Landlord may increase said rental amount or
modify Agreement for any extended term by giving advance written notice equal to one month to the Tenant. Tenant agrees that any
changes or modification of this Agreement must be written and signed by Landlord or their agent. Under no circumstances are oral
agreements binding.
13. Cleaning Fee: Tenant agrees to pay a non-refundable cleaning fee of $_______________________. (Cleaning Fee must be paid prior
to move-in date.)
14. Security Deposit: Tenant agrees to pay security deposit of:____________________________ ______/100 dollars ($___________)
which will be refunded after termination of tenancy in the manner prescribed in the Landlord-Tenant Relationship Act of the State of
Michigan, and upon satisfaction of the terms and conditions of this Agreement. Tenant may not, without Landlord’s prior written consent,
apply this security deposit to the last month’s rent or to any other amount owed or due under this Agreement.
15. Other Cost: Tenant agrees to be responsible for and/or pay the cost of:
Water: Lawn: Pest Control:
16. Excessive Utility Usage. In the case where the Landlord pays the utility, the Tenant agrees to reimburse Landlord for utility usage,
including unreported water leaks, that exceeds the monthly average use during the preceding twelve month period.
17. Notice of Utility Shut Off. Where Tenant is responsible for paying for heating, Tenant shall send the Landlord a certified letter seven (7)
days in advance of heat being turned off; if Tenant fails to give such notice, Tenant agrees to pay Landlord for any damages caused by
heat being turned off.
18. Inventory Checklist: Tenant hereby acknowledges receiving an inventory checklist that must be returned to the Landlord within seven
(7) days of obtaining possession of the Premises or the Premises will be considered free of defects. Items found torn, burned, stained,
inoperative, or damaged in any way must be reported on the inventory checklist.
19. Habitability. Tenant has checked the Premises thoroughly and agrees the unit is entirely habitable as to health and safety; however, if
any complaint in regard to the Premises is found, Tenant shall send the Landlord a certified letter within forty-eight (48) hours of move-in
date, notifying him or her of details.
20. Locks and Landlord Access: Tenant will not, without Landlord’s prior written consent, alter, re-key or install any locks to the Premises
or install or alter any burglar alarm system. Tenant will provide Landlord with a key or keys capable of unlocking all such re-keyed or new
locks as well as instructions on how to disarm any altered or new burglar alarm system. All keys must be returned upon vacating the
Premises. $______________ will be charged for each lost or missing key.
21. Subleasing, Sharing, Assignment and Guest at Premises: No subleasing, sharing of Premises, or assignment of agreement is
22. Parking: No parking on property other than Tenant's personal vehicle and then only at such locations as specified by Landlord. No
commercial vehicles, boats, or trailers shall be parked on Premises. Repair or maintenance of vehicles is not allowed on property without
written permission.
Standard Lease Agreement