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Vermont Master Lease Agreement Form

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Vermont Master Lease Agreement Form Page 2
Vermont Master Lease Agreement Form
VTA RFP 140-- Resiliency MLA p. 2
in a network along the roadways specified as Corridors herein (the “Public Benefit”).This Agreement is part of and
subject to the terms and conditions applicable to the award by the Economic Development Administration (“EDA”),
United State Department of Commerce, Number 01-79-14230, dated March 12, 2013 (the “Grant”) including but not
limited to the representations and terms of VTA stated in its application to the EDA. Any terms and conditions of this
Agreement that conflict with the terms and conditions of the Grant shall be construed to be consistent with or, if not
possible, governed by the terms and conditions of the Grant unless or until the EDA provides a written exemption from
such conflicting term or condition of the Grant.
1. VTA NETWORK EQUIPMENT. All equipment specified by Lessee for the purpose
of “Deployment” of the “VTA Network” (as those terms are defined in Section 2 below) and as described in Exhibit I
hereto shall be referred to as “Equipment.” Lessee has specified the Equipment as required for the VTA Network, and
represents that the Equipment has a useful life of not less than 15 years and is adequate and sufficient to meet Lessee’s
performance and operation obligations established by this Agreement for the VTA Network. Upon acceptance of
Lessee’s specification of the Equipment, VTA shall purchase the Equipment for a total amount not to exceed _
dollars ($------------) (the “Purchase Price”). Any additional equipment not included in the Equipment, that is or
becomes necessary for the operation of the VTA Network or is installed or integrated into the VTA Network shall be
owned by the VTA. Lessee agrees to take possession, but not ownership, of the Equipment from the effective delivery
date of the Equipment to Lessee (as described here) through the end of the Term (as defined at Section 5).
2. DEPLOYMENT AND OPERATION. As a condition of VTA entering into this
Agreement, Lessee agrees to (a) specify the Equipment, (b) design the VTA Network to be deployed along segments
of public roadways as described in Exhibit II (each segment of public roadway identified in Exhibit II and referred
to herein a “Corridor”), including but not limited to the specification and interface of Equipment with redundant power
back-up systems to be located by Lessee at ten facilities leased, owned or controlled by the VTA in locations specified
by the VTA in Exhibit IX adjacent to one or more Corridors (each facility a “Resiliency Point”), and (c) select and
supervise a third-party contractor consistent with the terms and conditions of the Grant and agreed to, and paid for
utilizing Grant funds by VTA to deploy and install the Equipment in each “Site” (defined below at (d)) with each
Corridor and each Resiliency Point in accordance with manufacturers’ directions and specifications and Lessee’s
design of the VTA Network. Lessee further agrees to (d) obtain the legal right to attach the Equipment to utility poles
or other real property (each installation or attachment location a “Site”) to provide CMRS along each Corridor, (e)
interconnect the Equipment to telecommunications backhaul networks, power sources, and the public switched
telephone network, (f) obtain and maintain an interconnection via radio signals between the Equipment and the
CMRS frequency blocks licensed by the FCC and (g) test the Equipment, all as further described in this Agreement,
with the result that calls initiated by authorized mobile telecommunications customers of CMRS providers, whether
those customer use standards compliant CDMA or GSM devices, will be able to initiate and sustain mobile voice calls
connected to the public switched telephone network and data sessions within and along the Corridors (provisions (a)-
(g) of this Section 2 are collectively referred to herein as the “Deployment”). From time to time, for technical or
practical reasons that impose a barrier to the Deployment, Lessee may submit to VTA in writing a request for a
replacement Corridor that reflects comparable Equipment and Public Benefit to a Corridor to which there is a barrier to
Deployment. VTA may, at its sole discretion, agree to such replacement Corridor and the parties shall enter into an
amendment to this Agreement that specifies the Corridor eliminated, the Corridor added and adjusts the performance
and schedule hereunder to be consistent with the date of the amendment. Lessee agrees to substantially complete the
Deployment within 240 days of the Effective Date of this Agreement. After completion of the Deployment the
Equipment in the subject Corridors shall collectively form the “VTA Network.”
Lessee agrees and covenants to operate the VTA Network for the Term (as defined in Section 5 below) to the
operating standards set forth in Exhibit III (the “Network Operating Standards”) and to operate and maintain redundant
power back-up systems at the Resiliency Points. In addition, Lessee warrants that the VTA Network, as specified,
designed, and operated by Lessee, will provide the Public Benefit for the Term.
Vermont Master Lease Agreement Form