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Utah Month to Month Rental Agreement

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Utah Month to Month Rental Agreement Page 2
Utah Month to Month Rental Agreement
Page 2
In the event that rent is not paid within four (4) days after the due date,
TENANT shall pay a late fee of 8% of the monthly rent amount pursuant to paragraph 4. If LANDLORD
issues a Notice for non-payment of rent, TENANT must thereafter tender all payments via cash or certified
funds only. In the event of a dishonored rent check, TENANT must thereafter tender only cash or certified
funds for all future payments. In addition, TENANT shall pay a fee of $20.00 for each dishonored check.
All payments received by LANDLORD will be applied first toward any late
fees and/or other additional charges, then toward rent.
The premises are rented for residential use only, and shall be occupied by the
undersigned adults and
children. If LANDLORD, with written consent, authorizes additional
persons to occupy the premises, the rent shall be increased by $100 per month for each additional person.
Occupancy by TENANT’S guests staying over 7 days without LANDLORD’S written consent, shall be in
violation of this agreement and the rent shall be immediately increased by $100 per month for each
additional person.
The following furnishings, fixtures and inventory are part of this lease agreement:
] is not [ ] (check one) assigned a parking space. If assigned a
parking space it shall be designated as space #
. TENANT shall not assign, sublet or otherwise
allow any other person to use this parking space. Only passenger vehicles which are currently operational,
currently registered in the TENANT’S name in the State of Utah, and not leaking any substance, may be
parked on the premises. No other vehicle or item may be stored in this parking space without the prior
written consent of the LANDLORD. TENANT may not wash, make repairs or paint in this space or any
other place on the premises.
TENANT shall not assign or sublet the premises, or any part thereof,
without the prior written consent of the LANDLORD.
TENANT acknowledges that the premises have been inspected,
including floor and window coverings, appliances, paint, fixtures and appurtenances, and TENANT has
found them to be clean and in complete working order, except as otherwise noted here:
TENANT promises to maintain the premises in a clean, safe and
sanitary manner, and to return the premises in a condition identical to that which existed when TENANT
took occupancy, excepting normal wear and tear. TENANT shall immediately reimburse LANDLORD for
any sums necessary to repair or replace any item, fixture or appurtenance in or around the premises that
needs service due to the misuse or negligence of TENANT or TENANT’S guests or other occupants.
TENANT shall be responsible for the cleaning or repair to any plumbing fixture where a stoppage occurs
during TENANT’S occupancy. TENANT shall be responsible for repair or replacement of the garbage
disposal where the cause is a result of bones, grease, pits, or any other item which normally causes
blockage of the mechanism. TENANT shall be responsible for any damage done by rain, wind, hail or other
peril, if such damage is caused by leaving windows open, allowing overflow of water and/or sewer pipes, for
broken windows or doors, torn screens, or any other damage caused while TENANT has possession of the
premises. LANDLORD shall deliver possession of the premises with all light bulbs working and of correct
wattage, thereafter replacement of light bulbs will be the responsibility and expense of TENANT.
TENANT shall make no alterations additions or improvements to the premises,
including but not limited to installing antennas, satellite dishes, lighting fixtures, dishwashers, washing
machines, dryers or other items without the prior written authorization of LANDLORD. TENANT shall not
change or install locks, paint or wallpaper in the premises without the LANDLORD’S prior written consent.
TENANT shall not display any signs, posters or advertisements in a window or other place on the premises.
TENANT shall not store any item or object on the property outside of the unit or on a balcony. TENANT
Utah Month to Month Rental Agreement