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Michigan Residential Lease Agreement Form

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Michigan Residential Lease Agreement Form Page 2
(1) ______ (2) ______ (3) ______ (4) ______ (Each tenant must initial.) Page 2 of 6 Pages
(c) DISCOUNTED RENT: If Landlord receives the rent on time, Tenant will be granted a $_________discount.
The discount is meant to encourage prompt payment of rent. Late rent may subject the Tenant to eviction
proceedings and liability for damages.
(d) SECURITY DEPOSIT: Tenant must pay Landlord $_______ on ____________ ____, 20____, which
Landlord holds as a security deposit for Tenant’s performance of all the terms of this lease. The security
deposit may be mingled with the security deposits of Landlord’s other tenants and must be deposited at the
following financial institution:
(Name of Financial Institution, Street Address, City, State, and Zip Code)
You must notify your landlord in writing within 4 days after
you move of a forwarding address where you can be reached
and where you will receive mail; otherwise your landlord
shall be relieved of sending you an itemized list of damages
and the penalties adherent to that failure.
(e) NONREFUNDABLE CLEANING FEE: Tenant must pay a nonrefundable cleaning fee of $________ at the
beginning of the lease term.
(f) OCCUPANCY: Only the persons who sign this lease may reside at the premises. If more than ______ persons
occupy the premises, the Landlord may terminate this tenancy or assess additional rent of $_________ each month for
each additional person. Occupancy must not exceed the number mandated by local ordinance. This premises is
licensed for ____ persons. Tenant may accommodate guests for reasonable periods (up to 2 weeks); other
arrangements require Landlord’s consent.
Note: If the premises is located in the city of East Lansing, the occupancy limit must be displayed on the license and
posted in the premises. The city may fine violators $1000 a day for over-occupancy.
(g) SLEEPING ROOMS: Basements, attics, and other rooms must not be used as sleeping rooms if they do not
comply with the local ordinance for windows, minimum square footage, exits, and ventilation. This is meant to
protect Tenant’s health and safety. The following areas may not be used as sleeping rooms:
__________________, __________________, __________________, __________________.
Note: The city of East Lansing may fine violators $1000 or they may be sentenced up to 90 days in jail..
(h) KEYS/LOCKS: Tenant will receive ____ keys from the Landlord. On or before the termination of this lease,
Tenant must return all keys or Tenant will be charged $_________ for changing the locks. If Tenant loses the
keys or gets locked out of the premises, Landlord will provide an extra key to Tenant and may charge Tenant
$_________. Tenant must never gain entrance to the premises by force through a window or door, or
otherwise without a key. Tenant must not change or add locks without Landlord’s written consent.
(i) UNAUTHORIZED USE OF MAILING ADDRESS: Only a Tenant may use the mailing address of the
premises. Allowing someone else to use the mailing address will increase the monthly rent by $_________.
acknowledges receipt of two blank copies of an inventory checklist. Tenant must complete both checklists
and return one to the Landlord within 7 days after Tenant takes possession of the premises. Except for
those items specifically noted by the Tenant in detail on the inventory checklist, Tenant accepts the premises,
and the appliances and furnishings, in good condition. The inventory checklist is used only to assess damages
and is not a warranty or promise by Landlord that any item listed on the checklist, but not present on the
premises, will be provided.
Michigan Residential Lease Agreement Form