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Nova Scotia Do Not Resuscitate Form

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Nova Scotia Do Not Resuscitate Form
If you’re reading this booklet, you may be preparing for an
expected death at home, yours or that of someone you know.
Taking the time to prepare for a death at home can be
difficult, but it is important. There are many questions to ask
and many issues to talk about. That is why we have prepared
this booklet for you.
We’re hoping that we can give you some of the answers that
you’re looking for and identify some of the issues you need to
talk about. There is a lot of information for you to review. Take
your time. Read it slowly and make notes. Most importantly,
remember that there are many people who can help you.
Family, friends, neighbours and clergy are some of the people
you can turn to for support. We encourage you to talk to the
people who are close to you. This will give
you the support you need and help them
to better understand what to expect.
This booklet has two parts. The first
section, What You Should Plan For, is
written for the person who is terminally
ill. It offers information and guidance to
help the individual and their loved ones
plan for the expected death at home. The
second section, Information for Families and
Friends, will help family, friends and others to under-
stand what is happening to their loved one during the last days
and hours of life.
Nova Scotia Do Not Resuscitate Form