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Alabama Season Hunting Lease Form

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Alabama Season Hunting Lease Form Page 2
Alabama Season Hunting Lease Form
and responsible for all obligations hereunder imposed upon each individual member of the party.
Violation of any agreement or obligation herein by any member of the hunting club shall cause the
lease, at the request of the LESSOR, thereupon to cease and terminate as to the entire group, and all
rights granted hereunder will be forfeited.
5. LESSEES understand and agree that the premises is not leased for agricultural and grazing
purposes. LESSOR reserves the right in himself/herself, his/her Agents, Contractors, Employees,
Licensees, Assigns, Invitees, or Designees to enter upon any or all of the land at any time for any
purpose of cruising, marking, cutting, or removing trees and timber or conducting any other acts
relating thereto, and no such use by LESSOR shall constitute a violation of this lease. LESSEES
and LESSOR further agree to cooperate so that the respective activities of one will not unduly
interfere with the other.
6. LESSEES shall take proper care of the lease property, the dwellings, and all other improvements
located thereon, and shall be liable to LESSOR for any damage caused to domestic livestock,
fences, roads, or other property of LESSOR due to the activities of LESSEES or their guests
exercising privileges under this lease.
7. LESSEES further state that they have inspected the described property and have found the premises
to be in an acceptable condition and hereby waive any right to complain or to recover from
LESSOR in the future relating to the condition of the lease property or any improvements located
8. LESSEES agree to protect and defend indemnity and hold LESSOR blameless from any and all
liability, loss, damage, personal injury (including death), claims, demands, causes of action of every
kind and character, without limit and without regard to the cause or causes thereof or the negligence
of any party or parties arising in connection herewith in favor of:
1. Any LESSEES hereto
2. Any employees of LESSEES
3. Any business invitees of LESSEES
4. Any guests of LESSEES
5. Any person who comes to the lease premises with the expressed or implied permission of
[NOTE: This liability release must be on the same page as the signatures, and it is the landowner's
responsibility to ensure that each lessee has read and understood its meaning.]
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties have hereunto caused this Agreement to be properly
executed this _____________________ day of _________________, 20_____.
Alabama Season Hunting Lease Form