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Alabama Mobile Home Park Lease Agreement Form

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Alabama Mobile Home Park Lease Agreement Form Page 2
C. Lessee agrees to furnish and maintain at his or her own expense, all
utility services, including electricity, water, gas, telephone, and cable
television. Lessee will pay to have meters installed, and will pay
any required deposits or installation charges for utilities. Any non-
payment of utility bills or other activities which result in electricity
or water service being disconnected to the mobile home shall
constitute grounds for the termination of this Lease. Lessee will not
be allowed to maintain a mobile home on the premises without water
service and electrical service.
D. Lessee promises that the Lessee and the guests and visitors of the
Lessee shall not engage in any behavior which creates unreasonable
noise, and that they will not use or be in possession of illegal drugs
on the premises. Any violation of this provision by the Lessee or
any guests or visitors of the Lessee will be cause for termination of
this Lease.
E. Lessee agrees to keep the lot and the exterior of the mobile home in
a clean and sanitary condition, and will not allow junk, debris, or
trash to accumulate on the property. Lessee agrees to pay any
expenses of cleaning up the premises if Lessor is required to have
clean-up work done.
5. If the Lessor terminates this Lease, then Lessor will notify Lessee, in
writing, of the date of termination, and the reasons for terminating the
Lease. This written notice shall either be handed to the Lessee, sent by
regular mail to the Lessee, left at the premises, or handed to an occupant of
the mobile home. Lessee agrees that any of these methods of notification
are sufficient. Lessee shall have thirty (30) days from the date of
termination to remove the mobile home from the premises, and to pay all
rent and other charges which are owed. If Lessee fails to vacate the
premises within thirty (30) days, Lessor may initiate legal proceedings for
eviction. If legal proceedings are instituted, then Lessee agrees to pay legal
fees in the amount of $500.00, plus court costs, plus towing and storage
charges for moving the mobile home from the premises, and such other
charges and expenses incurred by the Lessor in connection with eviction
Alabama Mobile Home Park Lease Agreement Form