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General Power of Attorney Form 1

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workers, contractors or subcontractors for any improvements, repairs, damage or destruction applicable to my
real property.
6. To sell either at public or private sale, or exchange any part or parts of my real estate or personal
property for such consideration and upon such terms as may be thought fit, and to execute and deliver good and
sufficient deeds or other instruments for the conveyance or transfer of the same, with such covenants or
warranty or otherwise as may be deemed fit, and to give receipts for all or any part of the purchase price or
other consideration.
7. To engage in and actively transact any and all lawful business of whatever nature or kind for me and
in my name.
8. To sign, endorse, execute, acknowledge, deliver, receive and possess such applications, contracts,
agreements, options, covenants, deeds, conveyances, trust deeds, security agreements, bills of sale, leases,
mortgages, assignments, insurance policies, bills of exchange, notes, stock certificates, proxies, warrants,
commercial paper, receipts, withdrawal receipts, and deposit instruments relating to accounts or deposits in or
certificates of deposit of banks, savings and loans, or other institutions or associations, proofs of loss, evidence
of debts, releases, satisfaction of mortgages, judgments, liens, security agreements, and other debts and
obligations, and other instruments in writing of whatever kind and nature as may be necessary or proper in the
exercise of the rights and powers in this agreement granted.
9. To convey any and all assets of my estate (consisting of any property, real, personal, or mixed, of
whatever kind, wherever located and whenever acquired) into such trust or trusts as may be deemed proper,
irrespective of whether this trust is now in existence or after established. My attorney in fact is authorized to
establish any such trust on such terms as may be deemed to be in my best interest. By way of illustration and
not by way of limitation, my attorney in fact shall be empowered to create and transfer assets to: a. an
irrevocable trust that will revert to my estate at my death; b. a trust that will remain irrevocable during my
disability; or c. a revocable trust for my benefit.
10. To deposit any moneys that may come to my attorney in fact with any bank, money market fund,
financial institution or banker or other person, either in my or my attorney in fact's name or, in the name of any
nominee in any stocks, shares, bonds, securities, or other property, real or personal, as my attorney in fact may
think proper, and to receive and give receipts for any income or dividend arising from such investments and to
vary or dispose of such investments.
11. To borrow any sum or sums of money on such terms and with such security, whether real or personal
property, as may be thought fit, and for that purpose to execute all promissory notes, bonds, mortgages, deeds
of trust, security agreements, and other instruments that may be necessary or proper.
12. To engage, employ, and dismiss any agents, clerks, servants, attorneys at law, accountants, investment
advisors, custodians, or other persons for the performance of my interests as my attorney in fact shall think fit.
13. To vote at the meetings of stockholders or other meetings of any corporation or company, or otherwise
to act as my attorney in fact or proxy in respect of any stocks, shares, or other instruments now or hereafter held
by me therein, and for that purpose to execute any proxies or other instruments. This Power refers to any and
all corporate stock that I may own, including but not limited to corporate stock in [Stocks and Share Numbers].
14. To exercise any powers and duties vested in me, whether solely or jointly, with any other or others as
executor, administrator, or trustee, or in any other fiduciary capacity so far as such power or duty is capable of
validly being delegated.
15. In general, to do all other acts, deeds, matters and things whatsoever in or about my estate, property,
and affairs, or to concur with persons jointly interested with myself therein in doing all acts, deeds, matters and
things therein, either particularly or generally described, as fully and effectually to all intents and purposes as I
could do in my own person if personally present and competent.
16. To apply such portion of my estate as is not required for my support during my lifetime, or the support
of my family, toward the continuation of a pattern of gifts established by me or toward the establishment of an
estate plan for the purpose of minimizing income, estate, inheritance or other taxes payable out of my estate, as
I may direct or as my attorney in fact shall deem in the interest of my estate if I should become incompetent and
General Power of Attorney Form 1