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Puerto Rico Power of Attorney

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Puerto Rico Power of Attorney Page 2
proceeding whereby final judgments and resolutions, voluntarily dismissals
and or settlements are obtained. He is authorized to retain attorneys,
experts, and consultants as deemed necessary to conduct the affairs of the
Estate. He is also authorized to retain the services necessary in actions filed
against him while conducting the Estate affairs.
6. The attorney-in-fact is allowed to issued and sign and execute all
types if documents, either private or public, which may o may not be
registered before the Registry of Property, as well as in our other public or
private agency in accordance with Puerto Rico law, regarding the powers
conferred through this Power of Attorney.
7. The attorney-in-fact is empowered to administer, rent, sell,
transfer, convey, and exchanged the following real property herein described:
descripción registral-. Contiene una casa de concreto reforzado y
bloques de concreto de una sola planta para fines residenciales.
Inscrita al folio __________________ del Tomo ciento ___________
de _______________, inscripción primera, en el Registro de la
Propiedad de ________________, Sección _________, finca número
______________________________ (_________).
8. The attorney-in-fact is allowed to cancel any liens that may
appear on the Registry of Property as required by Puerto Rico law and as
deemed necessary concerning the above real estate property.
9. The attorney-in-fact is hereby allowed to represent me before the
Puerto Rico courts and in all administrative matters regarding the Estate.
10. The property referenced above is currently occupied by
individuals, who are not authorized, neither by me nor any other member of
the Estate. These individuals do not pay rent, do not have any contractual
agreement to occupy the property, nor have any authorization to live in the
house located in the property. I wish to take possession if this property and
assert my proprietary rights. I specifically authorize as attorney-in-fact to
file judicial proceedings on behalf of the Estate to and persons living and/or
having possession of this property in accordance with Puerto Rico law.
11. The attorney-in-fact is allowed to withdraw, receive, under my
name any funds appearing in any savings, checking, and any other account
under the my father's name or his Estate in any financial Institution in the
Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. He is authorized to make deposit in these
accounts. He is allowed authorized to endorse and collect bills of exchange,
certificates of deposit, promissory notes, and any other negotiable
instruments issued to the order or in favor of the Estate or to the descendant,
and deposit these in a bank
Puerto Rico Power of Attorney