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Payment Schedule (Sample Form)

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Payment Schedule (Sample Form) Page 2
Payment Schedule (Sample Form)
Response Form
1 Respondent’s details
Provide the contact details for your ordinary place of
2 Claimant’s details
These are likely to have been provided by the Claimant
on the Payment Claim, if not on the contract.
3 Project/Site/Job description
Provide sufficient information to identify the project or
site that the Claimant worked on, or provided goods or
services to.
4 Payment Claim details
You must identify the Payment Claim. If you do not, the
Payment Schedule will not be valid. Provide as much
information as you can from the Payment Claim itself.
5 List of attachments
You should attach copies of any documents that will
help to explain a difference between the claimed amount
and the scheduled amount. List them on the form.
6 Signature of Respondent
Check that the details you have provided are accurate
and then sign the form.
7 Schedule
The claimed amount is the amount that the claimant is
seeking from you, as shown on the Payment Claim Form.
scheduled amount is the amount you propose to pay.
amount withheld is the amount that you do not
agree to pay for any reason.
8 Reasons for withholding payment
If you are withholding payment for any reason, you must
show how much is being withheld and why. Otherwise,
your Payment Schedule will not be valid.
Disputed variations
The Payment claim may include amounts for work done,
or goods and services provided, under a variation to the
contact. Some variations may not be included, depending
on when you and the claimant entered the contract.
If you entered the contract
before 30 March 2007 the
Payment Claim may include amounts for work done, or
goods and services provided, under a variation to the
contract which has been agreed by both parties. You
should identify any amounts for variations to which you
have not agreed and explain why.
If you entered the contract
on or after 30 March 2007
the Payment Claim may include an amount for work
done, or goods or services provided, for ‘claimable
variations’. Claimable variations are variations on
which the parties agree, and certain disputed variations
specified in the Act. You should identify on the Payment
Schedule the reasons why you do not agree to pay for
any claimable variations.
If the Payment Claim includes any disputed variations
that you do not believe are claimable variations, you
should identify them as excluded amounts (see below).
Excluded amounts
If you entered the contract with the claimant
on or
after 30 March 2007, you must show on the Payment
Schedule any amounts that you allege are excluded
An excluded amount is:
any amount that relates to a variation of the
construction contract that is not a claimable variation
any amount (other than a claimable variation) claimed
under the construction contract for compensation due
to the happening of an event, including any amount
relating to latent conditions, time related costs and
changes in regulatory requirements
any amount claimed for damages for breach of the
construction contract or for any other claim for damages
arising under or in connection with the contract
any amount in relation to a claim arising at law other
than under the construction contract.
Payment Schedule (Sample Form)