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New Jersey General Durable Power of Attorney Form

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The New Jersey general durable power of attorney is an important legal document for a general purpose that gives the attorney-in-fact enduring authority, which will exist even if the grantor becomes incapacitated to make his/her own decisions.

New Jersey General Durable Power of Attorney Form Page 2
hypothecate (pledge), and in any way or manner deal with all or any part of any real or personal
property whatsoever, tangible or intangible, or any interest therein, that I own at the time of
execution or may thereafter acquire, under such terms and conditions, and under such
covenants, as my Agent shall deem proper.
_______ (C) Stock and bond transactions. To purchase, sell, exchange, surrender, assign,
redeem, vote at any meeting, or otherwise transfer any and all shares of stock, bonds, or other
securities in any business, association, corporation, partnership, or other legal entity, whether
private or public, now or hereafter belonging to me.
_______ (D) Commodity and option transactions. To organize or continue and conduct any
business which term includes, without limitation, any farming, manufacturing, service, mining,
retailing or other type of business operation in any form, whether as a proprietorship, joint
venture, partnership, corporation, trust or other legal entity; operate, buy, sell, expand, contract,
terminate or liquidate any business; direct, control, supervise, manage or participate in the
operation of any business and engage, compensate and discharge business managers,
employees, agents, attorneys, accountants and consultants; and, in general, exercise all powers
with respect to business interests and operations which the principal could if present and under
no disability.
_______ (E) Banking and other financial institution transactions. To make, receive, sign,
endorse, execute, acknowledge, deliver and possess checks, drafts, bills of exchange, letters of
credit, notes, stock certificates, withdrawal receipts and deposit instruments relating to accounts
or deposits in, or certificates of deposit of banks, savings and loans, credit unions, or other
institutions or associations. To pay all sums of money, at any time or times, that may hereafter
be owing by me upon any account, bill of exchange, check, draft, purchase, contract, note, or
trade acceptance made, executed, endorsed, accepted, and delivered by me or for me in my
name, by my Agent. To borrow from time to time such sums of money as my Agent may deem
proper and execute promissory notes, security deeds or agreements, financing statements, or
other security instruments in such form as the lender may request and renew said notes and
security instruments from time to time in whole or in part. To have free access at any time or
times to any safe deposit box or vault to which I might have access.
_______ (F) Business operating transactions. To conduct, engage in, and otherwise transact
the affairs of any and all lawful business ventures of whatever nature or kind that I may now or
hereafter be involved in.
_______ (G) Insurance and annuity transactions. To exercise or perform any act, power, duty,
right, or obligation, in regard to any contract of life, accident, health, disability, liability, or other
type of insurance or any combination of insurance; and to procure new or additional contracts of
insurance for me and to designate the beneficiary of same; provided, however, that my Agent
cannot designate himself or herself as beneficiary of any such insurance contracts.
_______ (H) Estate, trust, and other beneficiary transactions. To accept, receipt for,
exercise, release, reject, renounce, assign, disclaim, demand, sue for, claim and recover any
legacy, bequest, devise, gift or other property interest or payment due or payable to or for the
principal; assert any interest in and exercise any power over any trust, estate or property subject
to fiduciary control; establish a revocable trust solely for the benefit of the principal that terminates
at the death of the principal and is then distributable to the legal representative of the estate of
the principal; and, in general, exercise all powers with respect to estates and trusts which the
principal could exercise if present and under no disability; provided, however, that the Agent may
not make or change a will and may not revoke or amend a trust revocable or amendable by the
principal or require the trustee of any trust for the benefit of the principal to pay income or
principal to the Agent unless specific authority to that end is given.
New Jersey General Durable Power of Attorney Form