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Subject Verb Agreement Worksheets 1

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Subject Verb Agreement Worksheets 1 Page 2
Subject / Verb Agreement Worksheet 2
Underline the correct verb in the parentheses.
1. Almost everybody (has / have) some difficulty with writing.
2. Neither the chipmunk nor the squirrels (is / are) bothering us.
3. Both of us (is / are) voting in the next election.
4. Milo, Phoebe, and I (was / were) offering our help.
5. Neither of you (jump / jumps) to conclusions.
6. Some say the Indians (has / have) been treated unfairly.
7. There (was / were) only two choices on the menu.
8. Rudy as well as his cat (like / likes) milk.
9. He (is / are) my boss and friend.
10. Sunbathing (is / are) my favorite form of exercise.
11. Neither of us (has / have) to pay the fine.
12. The twins and their parents (travel / travels) together.
13. Nobody (believe / believes) your alibi.
14. America and Russia (is / are) the most powerful nations.
15. “Safe” and “out” (is / are) two calls in baseball.
16. Neither of them (dance / dances) to disco music.
17. Each (serve / serves) a different purpose.
18. The hammer as well as the saw (make / makes) work easier.
19. Jacques (was / were) working for his uncle last year.
20. Our team (play / plays) hard every night.
21. Neither of the boys (has / have) to shave.
Subject Verb Agreement Worksheets 1