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Creative Brief Template 2

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Creative Brief Template 2 Page 2
Who might you compete with in future How do you compare with their top features, benefits
and unique value What are their strengths and weaknesses
Objective: This is a communications objective, not a sales objective.
What do you want the creative to accomplish
Audience: This information helps focus the creative to appeal to your customers.
Who is the primary audience you are trying to reach What do they currently think and feel
about you Are you part of your target audience
Be as specific as possible including demographics, geographics, socio-economic status, values,
behavioural traits, lifestyle. It might help to create a scenario of your ideal customer.
What’s the one thought the audience should be left with This is the main benefit (not a feature)
that the customer receives from your product or service If you could convey one or two other
points what would they be
How do you want to be described If you absolutely had to, how would you state your message
in seven words or less How do you want to be perceived by your audience and why What feel-
ings or metaphors reflect the spirit of your company. This suggests the personality of your product
or service.
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Creative Brief Template 2