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Our Sales Brochure

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Our Sales Brochure
JumpFly Inc. - 2541 Technology Dr. Suite 414, Elgin, Illinois - Tel: 877.882.2850 - Inquiries@JumpFly.com
Google AdWords, Bing Ads & Facebook PPC Management Specialists
We focus on the professional development,
implementation and management of pay per click,
search engine advertising campaigns. Proper
campaign setup and ongoing management are
critical to maximizing your return on investment
within these complex, competitive, and time
consuming platforms. By working with JumpFly,
you are ensured the experience, support, and know
how to get the most out of your advertising
investment right from the start. We are fully supported and certified by Google AdWords and Bing Ads to
save you both time and money while taking advantage of this highly effective method of advertising.
We provide an experienced, certified, dedicated account manager who will be your single point of contact.
Your account manager will develop a one on one relationship with you and your business to plan and execute
specific campaigns to reach your goals. Your business model, website, history and specific goals will be
thoroughly analyzed in order to create a successful, cost effective pay per click advertising strategy from
which to start.
Our experienced team possesses valuable knowledge from our years of PPC account management, enabling
you to instantly benefit from proven strategies that work. Furthermore, staying on top of Google AdWords
and Bing Ads' constantly evolving platforms, competitors' ever-changing bids and your advertising budget
requires ongoing attention. Your skilled account manager will track the effectiveness of your ad campaigns
and make necessary adjustments to maximize your return on investment, while discussing and reporting the
results back to you as often as necessary.
By understanding the many factors that contribute to effective search engine marketing, our experienced
team makes it easy for businesses to capitalize on the 200 million+ searches per day performed by people
using search engines to find products, services and information. As your partner, we take care of everything
for you to take advantage of this market in the best way possible. We pride ourselves on providing the best
customer service and bottom-line results available in our industry, and we are so confident you will see
value from our service that we will guarantee our results, while earning your business month to month
without contracts.
JumpFly is proud to offer a full money back guarantee within the first 30-days of
service. If an eligible advertiser feels that JumpFly’s efforts do not justify its fees
within the first 30-days, a complete refund of all JumpFly fees will be provided.
This guarantee confirms our leadership role and commitment to new clients.
JumpFly is the first professional search engine marketing company to offer a
money-back guarantee, demonstrating tremendous confidence in our ability to help
clients achieve improved results.
Call our team to find out if you qualify today – 877.882.2850
Our Sales Brochure