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Company Profile Template

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Company Profile Template Page 2
Company Profile Template
Annex 8: Company profile (INSERT VENDOR NAME) Page 2
Annex 8
Company profile template
Vendors must respond to all questions.
8.1 Company details - vendor’s name
Vendors should also insert their name in the space provided in the page footer.
8.2 General Information
Primary contact for
sales/client services
Postal Code: Country:
Telephone: Fax:
E-mail: Web site:
Parent company, if any
Subsidiaries, Associates,
and/or Overseas Rep(s), if
Year established
Type of organization Public enterprise ( )
Private company ( )
Organization sponsored (assisted by Government) ( )
Other (please specify): ….. ( )
Type of Business Manufacturer ( )
Retailer ( )
Authorized Agent ( )
Consulting Company ( )
Other (please specify): ….. ( )
Summary of main business
No. of employees
(by location)
Staff turnover rate
In-house working
Company Profile Template