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Service Agreement Template 3

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Service Agreement Template 3 Page 2
Service Agreement Template 3
Sales: T – (336) 261-5764 C – (336) 214-2076 Enrollment: Toll-Free: 1-866-903-0333 Telephone: (306) 653-6600
CORPORATE OFFICE: 2402 Spring Ridge Drive, Suite E, Spring Grove, Illinois USA 60081 Telephone: (815) 675-1430 Fax: (815) 675-1530
transponder.admin@irdinc.com www.irdinc.com
Payment of Fees:
1. Rental or system access fees are payable to IRD on a predetermined basis and in advance of any services being provided through the TBP.
These fees constitute the enrollment fees into the NC TBP program and are subject to renewal.
2. CARRIER acknowledges that the fees payable under this agreement are based on the allocation of risk set out in this agreement, including
the assumption of risk by the CARRIER.
3. IRD will notify CARRIER of upcoming service payments no later than sixty days prior to the date payment is due.
4. CARRIERS wishing to continue in the TBP must have paid annual renewal fees to IRD on or before the renewal date to avoid discontinuation
of services. Discontinued accounts will receive no warranties or services until due payments are made.
5. CARRIER agrees to pay IRD a $20.00 per transponder reconnection fee for discontinued accounts before services will be restored.
6. Adding transponders to an existing account will be charged on a pro-rata basis to match the annual billing date of the initial AGREEMENT.
Termination of Services:
1. CARRIER may at any time choose to withdraw from the TBP by informing IRD of their desire to exit the program.
2. IRD will terminate the TBP services of any CARRIER whose account has remained in delinquency for a period of fifteen days or longer unless
CARRIER and IRD have reached an agreement on payment.
3. CARRIER must return to IRD any rented property relating to the TBP within fifteen days of termination of services.
4. Any CARRIER that chooses to withdraw from or no longer qualifies for the TBP during the course of the annual billing cycle will not be credited
or refunded any portion of rental or system access fees.
5. CARRIER agrees that IRD has the right to terminate this agreement at any time upon providing ninety days written notice to the CARRIER or
immediately upon termination or non-renewal of IRD’s contract as TA for the NC TBP as per IRD’s agreement with the NCDOT.
1. IRD shall not be liable for any injury, loss, claim, or damage arising from the use or transportation of the transponders by the CARRIER, and
the CARRIER shall indemnify and hold harmless IRD against all loss, damages, claims, and expenses which may arise out of any action for
damages to property or persons pursuant to the use, operation, handling, or transportation of the transponders.
2. Both IRD and the CARRIER will hold each other harmless of any action or suit brought against either party by an outside party for the duration
of this agreement.
Proper Use:
1. Transponders will be installed in assigned vehicles within the CARRIER’s fleet only. Transponders shall not be transferred from vehicle to
vehicle until the change request has been approved by the transponder administrator.
2. If you are leasing any of your vehicles as full service leases you must obtain permission from the leasor to electronically screen the vehicle
3. CARRIER agrees not to use the transponders at any time in violation of any law, by-law, zoning restriction, ordinance, regulation, or for any
use for which it is not reasonably intended.
4. CARRIER agrees not to transfer or assign the rights and obligations, which would not be reasonably upheld, under this agreement or to
transfer or lend the transponders to another party without the prior written consent of IRD.
1. As this AGREEMENT is between IRD and the CARRIER, it is the responsibility of the CARRIER to ensure that any employee or contractor of
the CARRIER abides by the terms of this AGREEMENT. Breaches of this AGREEMENT by employees or contractors of the CARRIER will
carry the same consequences as breaches of the CARRIER.
2. This AGREEMENT and its performance shall be governed by the laws of the State of Michigan and the federal laws of the United States of
America applicable therein, including dispute resolution, jurisdiction, and venue.
3. IRD makes no representations or guarantees regarding CARRIER’s ability to bypass TBP sites based on criteria established by the NCDOT or
the North Carolina State Highway Patrol.
4. IRD will respond to any performance related issue raised by CARRIER within one working day of notification of the issue. Notification will
consist of a phone call to the IRD call center, by email, or by fax.
These terms and conditions contain the entire AGREEMENT between IRD and the CARRIER relating to the rental, purchase, and use of the
transponders and supersede any prior understandings or agreements, whether oral or written, regarding this matter.
Service Agreement Template 3