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District of Columbia Sublease Agreement Form

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District of Columbia Sublease Agreement Form
1. PARTIES. This agreement is made in Washington, DC, on ________ by and
between the Sublessor, _______, and the Sublessee, _____________, for rent
and responsibilities of the Premises located at ________, Washington, DC
2. TERM. The term of this sublease shall commence on ________, and terminate
on __________.
3. RENT. Sublessee agrees to pay Sublessor a total sum of $_______, in
addition to the cost of utilities, in monthly installments of ________, each in
advance on the 1
day of each month beginning on __________.
4. SECURITY DEPOSIT. The Sublessee shall deposit with the Sublessor the
total sum of ________, which is security for the faithful performance of the
sublease. The security deposit shall not exceed one month’s rent. Sublessee
shall be entitled to a full refund of this security deposit if the amounts due under
this sublease are paid and if the Premises are returned in the same condition as
accepted, except for ordinary wear and tear. In order to avoid disagreements
regarding the condition of the Premises, Sublessee should prepare an inventory
checklist of the items furnished, the condition of these furnishings, and the
condition of the entire Premises.
5. RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE SUBLESSEE. Sublessee also agrees to abide
by the obligations and responsibilities as outlined in the Residential Lease of the
Sublessor, a copy of which is attached hereto for reference.
6. CONSENT OF THE LANDLORD. Sublessor and Sublessee hereby
acknowledge that the landlord has granted his consent to this sublease
The parties, by signing below, hereby represent that they have fully read and fully
understood the foregoing sublease and they acknowledge receipt of a signed copy
of the sublease.
Sublessor ____________
Sublessee __________
Landlord ______________
District of Columbia Sublease Agreement Form